Endurance House 10

A healthy lifestyle is possible with new Northland store

With a grand opening at the end of January, Endurance House is the only store of its kind in the Kansas City area, providing specialty running, walking, cycling, swimming, shoes, and gear, along with the support needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Endurance House is a franchise out of Madison, Wisconsin, and with local couple and triathletes, Scott Sharkey and Anne Moyers, the Tiffany Springs store becoming the 16th store in the franchise.

“Our roots are here, and we saw the need for this kind of store for our community. The location is perfect; there are trails for cycling and close proximity to Smithville Lake for open swims and trails. We signed the lease in October 2016, and every day since then we’ve put in our own blood, sweat, and tears to get the store ready. We are following our passions, and when you have your best friend working beside you, the days fly by and it’s not really work, ” Sharkey says.

Focusing on everything needed to be active, they are more than just a shoe store. From shoes to bikes to clothing to swim accessories, Endurance House wants to be a place where customers feel comfortable.  A fireplace flanked by four comfortable arm chairs create a unique atmosphere not usually found in a shoe store.

“We want to build a community. We want a place where people can gather to tell stories, where we fill a need, whether it is for swimming, biking or shoes, and a place where you can feel comfortable. In just the few short weeks we’ve been open, it’s already become a place where people come to sit and talk,” Moyer says.

In addition to purchasing gear, Endurance House also strives to provide services to help athletes prepare for big races.

“We have lots of programs beginning. We have a free Tuesday Night Run group, a mix of walkers and runners from all abilities who are getting together. As the weather gets warmer, we’ll have even more people joining. We have a Ladies Night coming up, as well as starting yoga on Sunday mornings. We’re starting a Triathlon Team Training, with training plans, support and coaching, and more for every distance, from the most experienced to the just beginning, from Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironmans,” Moyer says.

Supporting area runs such as the KC Marathon, the Liberty Hospital half marathon, and the Psycho WyCo Run, the Sharkeys feel providing the best shoes available is important. With their Personalized Movement Profile, they provide not only the shoes, but the service to decide that is the best shoe.

“We carry four shoe lines that are the best out there. Most running shoes have lost their touch, and went to a one style fits everyone shoe. We want to provide the best shoe choices in the area. Shoes are personal; it has to fit, be comfortable, and has to last. Our Personalized Movement Profile starts with putting a customer in a neutral shoe, and taking a video so he/she can see where the problem areas are in how he/she runs. Then we put them in an appropriate shoe that corrects that problem, and take another video so they can see side-by-side the differences the shoes make,” Moyer says.

Located at 8940 Skyview Drive in the Tiffany Springs Marketplace, they are centrally located in the Northland with convenient hours. Check them out on Facebook at Endurance House Kansas City or on the web at KansasCity.EnduranceHouse.com.

With the services, products, and expertise the owners are providing, you have no excuse not to work towards a healthy lifestyle.