A Very Northland 
Valentine's Day

Dear Readers,

I have to admit–I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person. Sure, I love romance but I also don’t want my husband to spend 500% more on flowers than he would in January or March, just because Cupid said he should. I’m more of low-key. If we go out, it will probably be to the White Horse Pub where we can make googly eyes at each other over our daughter in her car seat and fish and chips.

But if you want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, then we have some ideas for you. For some social but romantic dining plans, you could head to Trago, the new tapas restaurant in Kansas City North. With great ambience and plates made for sharing, you could easily brush hands over the patatas bravas and feel the spark of love.

Maybe you’re searching for a special beverage, one hand picked that treks across the globe to land in your cup. Hugo Tea has what you’re looking for. Read our story about the company that is elevating tea to the same level that craft beer, wine and coffee have reached. They will find the perfect blend for the tea lover in your home.

If you want to read about love of a more actionable sort, then check out our story about Run to Stop It. This campaign is raising money to combat sex trafficking. Real love is setting someone free from their chains and the people lacing up their sneakers are running to make that happen.

February can be a dreary month with the exception of the proliferation of red and pink on the 14th, but I actually like it. It’s the sigh after a long holiday season and subsequent goal setting January. February is bated with anticipation of spring but also happy to burrow down and enjoy the quiet of the coldest month of the year. Enjoy this month of peace and love, my friends.