Liberty Hospital Foundation Reaches Out 6

Foundation funds multiple projects
 benefitting their community

Since opening in February of 1974, Liberty Hospital has worked to partner with the community it serves to improve the health, safety and well-being of patrons in the area.  The Liberty Hospital Foundation was started in 1984 to provide financial help to continue these goals.

“The mission of the Liberty Hospital Foundation is to improve the quality of health, wellness, and care in our community. My favorite part of my job is when I can match someone’s passion and generosity with a need at Liberty Hospital or in our community. I get to tell Liberty Public Schools that our donors raised enough money to offer 50 underserved students medical care vouchers this year. Then I’m fortunate to tell those donors the impact they’ve made on those kids, who now get medicine or the treatment they need to be healthy, happy, and productive,” Director of Development for the Liberty Hospital Foundation Midori Carpenter says.

Kyleigh’s Gift is just one of the many programs the Foundation supports. It was started in 2012 after the Weller family’s daughter Kyleigh was stillborn. They came to the Foundation after their loss to create something meaningful in infant wellness education and parental support in the Northland.

“Since it started, the program has partnered closely with the Birthing Center Social Workers to meet a wide range of needs for families. It provides necessities (car seats, pack ‘n plays, diapers) for those who can’t afford them, cafeteria meal vouchers for breastfeeding mothers with babies in our NICU and for families with children in the Pediatric unit. As well, more bereavement and memorial options have been provided for families facing pregnancy and infant loss,” Carpenter says.

Rodger and Leann Weller and their children Oliver, Garrison, and Breanna have continued to honor Kyleigh’s memory by leading these efforts. Over $64,000 has been raised in support of Kyleigh’s Gift to date.  $10 will provide a sleep sack for a baby born at Liberty Hospital, while $5 provides one meal for a struggling parent while at the hospital.

“Our most recent initiative is the Miscarriage Care Package. We have been collecting donations of small items to create individual care packages. These are now available for any women facing miscarriage or pregnancy loss at Liberty Hospital – whether through the Emergency Department, Surgery Center, or OB-GYN office. At a time of loss, they will receive a message of love and support from Kyleigh’s Gift. We’ve collected enough donations to create our first 30 packages and our goal is to complete 50,” Carpenter says.

October 14, 2017 will be the fourth annual Kyleigh’s gift 3K/5K Run Walk, with family fun activities, raffles and awards. All proceeds from the event directly benefit the fund. In 2016, there were 350 registrations and raised $22,000.

Kyleigh’s Gift is not the only program the Foundation is involved in.

“Our Patient Assistance Program offers direct support to patients who are struggling to afford their necessary medications or transport themselves to and from crucial doctor’s visits. Our Student Assistance Program provides free visits for under/uninsured students in Liberty Public Schools, and they receive follow-up medication or treatment at a highly reduced rate. Our Professional Education fund provides scholarships for current hospital employees to attain higher degrees and certifications, as well as high school scholarships for students who wish to pursue a career in nursing. The TreeHouse at Liberty Hospital is a home-away-from-home available to patients and families, with peaceful, comfortable lodging in a home-like setting on the hospital grounds. A donation is suggested for each night someone stays, but no one is ever turned away based on their ability to pay. Many community groups and organizations support the TreeHouse through donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries for families during a Hospital stay,“ Carpenter says.

The Foundation also works directly with the Hospital, including Hospice & Home Health, the Oncology Program, and the Women’s Health Fund that provide support to the staff of those departments to provide high-quality care to their patients.

“Our goal is to play a role in giving everyone in the Liberty Hospital area the ability to lead full, healthy lives. As healthcare continues to change and move beyond the four walls of a Hospital building, our organization will keep looking for innovative ways to reach those who need it most, “Carpenter says.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Kyleigh’s Gift or the Liberty Hospital Foundation can call 816.792.7014. More information can be found at and on Facebook.