Happy New Year!

How many of you are reading this on the treadmill at an overly crowded gym? Now is the time when hope springs eternal–new weights are purchased, Christmas gifts of workout clothes are donned, and we all brush off our knowledge of how to properly do a squat. Although most of those resolutions are aspirational rather than realistic, the renewed energy of a new year is still a powerful force for getting people into gear.

Our January issue is all about healthy¬†living. Join Jim Horton as he teaches the elderly yoga from a seated position, proving that you’re never too old or too infirm to stretch your horizons–or your shoulders. The transformative powers of yoga are something that Horton really believes in and he is gaining more examples all the time.

There’s new technology out there that will let you know exactly how fast, strong, or fit you are. Although the Six Million Dollar Man seems dated now, some of the technology seems more real than ever and it’s at a price point that mere mortals can afford. In the age of smart watches and fitness trackers, we all have the potential to find our fitness stride.

I’ve never been one for resolutions myself. Of course, each year I vow to get in shape but that promise comes and goes throughout the year. This year, I’ll head to the beach mid-January and take with me all the stretch marks and backaches that come with having a new baby. I’m not at my fittest, but I am at my happiest and my pant size has very little to do with it. I’m choosing to accept where I am right now–not a size two but able to lift my daughter, hug my husband and keep up with my dogs and that’s good enough for me. For those that are trying for their ideal weights, heart rates or personal records, I applaud you. You can do this and I hope that February finds you still on that treadmill, no matter how the crowd has thinned out.

Happy New Year!