Gordon Dental Puts a Smile on Faces 6

A Northland dentistry that delivers caring, attentive personal service and expert results.

A smile is a greeting that welcomes others before a word is spoken. Dr. John Gordon, who founded Gordon Dental in 1978, works with patients to change smiles and, in turn, change lives.

Some people are self-conscious about their smile because of the cosmetic or physical condition of their teeth. Stains, crooked teeth, or other irregularities may alter self-perception. A lack of confidence or insecurity may develop, or the tendency to hide a smile that subsequently projects a less-friendly expression. Gordon Dental offers personalized services to help those struggling with these issues because of their teeth.

Dr. Gordon’s general practice emphasizes implant and cosmetic dentistry, or “changing smiles.” He learns and understands each patient’s needs and motivations well in advance of initiating dental work.

“Connecting with the patient and their life situation is important,” says Dr. Gordon. “We take care and relate to our patients. There’s a story associated with their life. We appreciate where people are at, whether it is a divorce, they have kids in school, or a parent in the hospital.”

External financial pressures or familial stress due to these circumstances may impact an individual’s decision to delay or forgo dental work for their benefit. Intuitively, Gordon understands the personal and professional value of connecting with people. He’s built his practice around this human-centered approach.

Gordon Dental’s “patient-involved dentistry” runs counter to modern healthcare. Gordon says, “The ‘person-side’ has become secondary in the digital world. People feel like a nuisance or number in the medical world.”

Building trust by connecting and listening to patients is the foundation for a valued relationship. In turn, it creates a dynamic where patients feel more secure about communicating and participating in decisions. That emphasis has led to four generations of clients returning to Gordon’s office.

“There’s the fear of the unknown during and after dental work,” says Gordon. Creating connections disarms that fear. “Friends take care of friends. We want people to feel secure. Our staff also believes in the concept and practice.”

Understanding a patient’s fears, needs, and motivations begins with asking questions. Is the proposed dental work affordable? Is the timing right for the patient’s life?

Gordon and his staff strive to “be courageous and curious, ask questions, and work with what information the patient provides.” Additional questions help to “seek clarity” so that Gordon Dental has a complete picture before diagnosis and treatment.

“We provide strong leadership but we let the patient direct their care,” says Gordon. “It’s like driving a car. The patient is in the driver’s seat and pushes the accelerator.”

Backed by years of expertise, Dr. John Gordon, his son, Dr. Philip Gordon, and their staff use technology to provide utmost service for general needs, cosmetic treatment, implants, and restorative dentistry.

“Technology allows us to diagnose in depth and detail. Philip does the implant work in the office, using precision technology and procedures to ensure great results,” says Gordon. With implants, the goal is to attain “maximum function and aesthetics with a high degree of [positive] long-term prognosis.”

Tech-based tools include an ICAT 3D cone-beam scanner that captures detailed 3D imagery to better understand tooth and root position and relationship to anatomy. High-definition intraoral cameras assist with assessing decay, stains, and the surface structure of teeth “with no guessing.”

“We use software to manage patient communication,” says Gordon. “Technology is great to make the process smooth and efficient for patient education, and ease of service. We want to make it easy for patients to do business with us as possible.”

From the use of iPads in office to a mobile-friendly website with simple navigation, Gordon Dental aims to offer “one-click management” of its digital interaction with patients.

Dr. Gordon’s drive to help others through dentistry is best exemplified by “changing smiles” through cosmetic services that can help “restore self-esteem and confidence.” He describes the process as “smile sculpting” because of the artistry, uniqueness of each patient, and technical expertise involved with each case.

“I’ve worked on thousands of cases. I design each case myself,” says Gordon, “but the patient helps finalize the ‘design smile.’ We don’t dictate.”

Whether the task involves a veneer, porcelain crown, or other work, the end result is rewarding for Gordon and the patient.

“I’m proud of what we do and how we do it. Our office has a nice reputation throughout the metro area.”