Face it.  Medical Spas aren't just for looking good anymore

Botox Injection Therapy Offers Relief 
for Chronic Migraine Sufferers

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new wrinkle in the usage of Botox.

Not only can it improve your appearance, it can also offer relief to millions of chronic migraine sufferers.

The good news for those in need is they don’t have to travel far to find a place that offers this specialized injection therapy. It’s as close as the Genesis Medical Spa at 6410 N. Cosby.

Genesis Medical Spa originally opened in 2011 at a different location and under a name that more closely associated it with its Weston counterpart. The business rebranded, and relocated to its current site adjacent to Picture Hills in mid-2016.

While this med spa is similar to its competitors in some ways, Genesis offers services that distinguish it from its competitors. In addition to leading edge body hair removal, aesthetician services, laser processes, and weight loss programs, the medical spa is able to offer Botox injection therapy because of the medical expertise of its owner, Debra Keith, M.D.

Botox injection treatment has been available at Keith’s original medical spa and primary care office in Weston since shortly after its approval. The location off I-29 and Tom Watson Parkway makes this professional care ever more convenient for patients in the Northland.

The FDA approved the application of Botox for facial wrinkles in 2002, but did not officially approve Botox injections as a preventative treatment for adults suffering from chronic migraines until late 2010.

With more than 3 million Americans suffering from these debilitating headaches, the discovery and approval of Botox as a preventative treatment came as welcome news.

“Originally, Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, targeted neurologists to administer Botox injection therapy for migraine sufferers,” recalls Keith. “What they found was neurologists were not necessarily the best medical professionals to administer the treatment. Many were not interested and too, with the limited number of neurologists in a community, many migraine patients were waiting up to six months to be seen.”

By the time Allergan realized the optimum target for Botox administration was the primary care physician, Keith had been practicing cosmetic injection therapy for 12 years. Allergan called and asked her if she would be interested in participating in the specialized training necessary to treat patients with this new type of Botox therapy. She was.

A few other medical spas in the Kansas City area began to offer the treatment but remained limited in number due to the unique training required.

“Botox injection therapy for chronic migraines consists of 31 injections into six specific areas in the head and neck,” explains Keith, “and is given at intervals of 12 weeks. The entire process takes about 15 minutes.”

As for success, the literature supports improvement after the second and third treatments, but Keith has seen improvement in several of her patients after the first month of their injections.

Insurance and Medicare will cover the costs of the therapy if certain requirements are met. Chronic migraine sufferers must experience 15 or more headache days per month, with each headache lasting 4 hours or more. Also, the patient must have tried and failed trials of at least two migraine preventative medications to be eligible.

The Genesis Medical Spa prides itself on being able to offer professional solutions for the specific medical needs of their customers, as well as an array of high-quality services one would expect from a state of the art facility.

Face it. Medical spas aren’t just about looking good anymore. When properly staffed, they can also offer solutions to long-suffered discomfort.  That’s good for everyone.