Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. . .

We may be a bit short on chestnuts but Jack Frost is finally nipping at our nose here in Kansas City. It’s the holiday season and I couldn’t be more excited! December is always a time of celebration with lots of parties, family gatherings, and shopping to keep us all busy. Sometimes we need a little reminder to slow down and enjoy the holiday season instead of letting it pass us by!

In this issue, we explore some of the great parts of the holidays. Our rundown of holiday performances and experiences will be a great guide to family friendly events that could become traditions to be treasured. I know that there is nothing like the opening strains of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to make me feel like a kid again.

For those making their lists and checking them twice, My Favorite Things will give you some great ideas for everyone on your list. And best of all, every single item is available from a local retailer. As much as I love the convenience of Amazon, there’s something so much more meaningful when you can tell your loved one that you supported a local business in the process of gift giving.

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year–the music, the food, and the camaraderie are simply irreplaceable. Now that I have a child, my excitement is doubled. I can’t wait to show her how magical the holidays can be. It also gives us a chance to truly focus on what we have been given–a Savior, our families, and the opportunity to express love and gratitude. In a year that has been filled with contention, let’s make the holidays mean even more by truly spreading peace and good will to all. So adopt a child, donate to Harvesters or your local food bank or volunteer in some other way. Give back because we have all been given so much already.

Peace be with you, my friends!