Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time? 1

This Couple’s In Business To Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered how on earth you could ever find the time and energy to get even half the tasks completed?

Lisa and Jeff Sevick are making it their business to ensure you get it all accomplished with The Missing Link, the company they created to allow you to have more time to do the things you really want to do.

The Sevicks both worked for major corporations in the Kansas City area for most of their careers. Just as many do, they decided they wanted to work for themselves instead of someone else.

“We started brainstorming about how we could help other people get things done, how we could improve their quality of life. We both have broad expertise in business and just the hint of perfectionism that enables us to complete tasks exactly as the customer requests them,” explains Lisa.

“We’d been thinking about starting our own business for awhile,“ Jeff continues. “We saw an open window, decided to go for it, and took the leap.”

“While creating the business, we thought a lot about companies that are becoming more lean,” offers Lisa.  “The Missing Link can help them with the ancillary type work, allowing their employees to focus on the major aspects of the business.  We can help them accomplish their goals without enduring significant overtime.”

Not too long after they started, a local benchmark corporation embraced the upstart company and enlisted its services within their HR division. Lisa continues to work with the company to complete various projects, easing the workload of others in the demanding area.  The result?   Success!  The client offers praise and a strong endorsement for the quality of the work accomplished.

“The great part,“ adds Jeff, “is the client only pays for the work they want when they need it.  We can offer our services for a few hours or even a few months. Our company offers business and personal services that will assist you with anything, as long as it’s moral, legal, and ethical.  We exist to make your life easier.”

“When companies fully understand our services and realize we’re local, they use us,” Lisa confirms. “They like the fact we can provide a full array of business services, and at the same time, extend personal services that will benefit their employees.  It can be a real perk for busy professionals.”

The Missing Link also works with real estate companies to enhance the moving experience for both buyers and sellers. Homeowners downsizing sometimes need an objective individual to help them decide which treasures to keep and which to donate, while clients moving from house to house might be able to use extra assistance lining cabinets, arranging dishes or whatever seems most overwhelming.

Currently, the requests for service by businesses outnumber the personal requests, but the Sevicks expect the two to even out with the onset of the holidays.  They’ve noticed a sharp uptick in requests from retirement resort community residents. Determined to maintain their independent lifestyles, the residents call upon The Missing Link to run errands, such as picking up groceries, prescriptions, and holiday decorations.  The company makes every effort to customize its services to meet the clients’ needs.

“Our biggest challenge right now is getting the word out, letting people know we’re here,” the Sevicks say.  “We’re networking and building new relationships every day. Hopefully, those we meet will share the news about what we do. We enjoy meeting new people; it’s gratifying to be able to offer them a service that will improve their quality of life.”

“Every day is a new adventure; this has been an incredible learning process,” Jeff concludes.  “We take great satisfaction in knowing we’ve done everything ourselves:  the website, the paperwork to start the company, everything. We have no doubt we made the right decision to start our own business.”

“Our company can help with most anything,” the Sevicks say.  “If we can’t do it, we will put you in touch with someone that can. It’s a good feeling to be in the business of helping people.”

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