Colleen and Jason Gerke 1

Local winemakers love the Northland

Jason and Colleen Gerke are living the dream of many–running their own winery, Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, in Platte City. With Colleen’s background in viticulture and Jason’s background in farming, this couple was made for the grape! After 11 years of winemaking, they’ve found some favorites and are sharing them with us this month!

Favorite of your wines— They are kind of like our children – we love them all. But this time of year, in the fall, our Nort wine (similar to a Port, but made out of Norton grapes) is pretty special and it’s perfect for sipping while sitting around the fire pit.

Favorite wine that you don’t make— Harkening back to Colleen’s California roots, the wines of the Central Coast wine region tend to rise to the top for us. Pinot Noirs from Riverbench Winery and Ken Volk are some of our favorites.

Best way to spend a Saturday night— We are fortunate to have amazing local musicians play at Jowler Creek Winery on most Saturday nights. And the back deck of our house overlooks the winery, so we love sitting out there listening to live music, eating warm bread and drinking wine with friends is the best!

#1 thing you are thankful for this year— Our community. Platte County and the entire Kansas City region is full of great people and the quality of life from schools to medical services to recreation amenities is excellent.

Can’t live without winter beauty product— With as much time as we spend pruning vines in the harsh conditions during the winter, we go through a ton of Trader Joe’s Body Butter to protect our hands. Seems like we put it on at least 3x/day.

Favorite Christmas Carol— Let it Snow…Although neither one of us are big fans of snow, we do love the song!

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe— Luckily, when we visit friends and family for the holidays, they expect us to bring wine (and not a baked good or dish) to the table. Sometimes we get creative and bring a unique Sangria or Cocktail. Mulled wine is one of our family’s favorites. 
Here’s the recipe we typically use:

1 bottle of Chambourcin wine

1 bottle of Red Cock-a-Doodle-Do wine

1 bottle of Nort wine

3 tsp. ginger

6-12 cloves

5 cinnamon sticks

A dash of nutmeg

Simmer on stove for 30 minutes. Serve in a mug with 
orange wedges.

Favorite sport or hobby that you participate in— Anything on water (which is hard to do here in the winter). Some of our favorite activities are paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and swimming.