Adventure Awaits!

Every year, Northland Lifestyle features a ‘Wild Adventure’ issue. For many, that means exotic travel or adrenaline pumping feats of derring-do. And for some, that means striking out on one’s own, bucking the status quo and making their own path. In this issue, we have a bit of both!

In column A, we follow Diana Lambdin-Meyer as she warms up to sleeping in the buff on a bed of ice at Quebec’s version of the Ice Hotel. Despite the assumptions of frost bite, our intrepid reporter returns with all her fingers and toes and one heck of a story to share at the next Polar Bear Plunge.

For a trip with a bit more weight, we follow Matt Staub as he treks to Ecuador to see first hand all the good that Kansas City-based not for profit Children International is doing across the globe. Traveling to a country where poverty is the rule rather than the exception was an eye opening experience for Staub and his worldview was expanded because of it.

In column B, we talk to Santina Cessor, a working mother that refuses to accept the idea that business and family need to be separated. Her business, Threads Studio, tells brand stories for innovative companies, and she does it all while raising her toddler, Frank. Her determination and drive are a great example to her son and an example of what real focus looks like.

For me, adventure has taken the form of a 7 pound, 13 ounce bundle of joy born on September 24. My daughter, Iris, entered this world and suddenly every day has become a series of new discoveries. My husband and I are learning what it truly means to be a team and just how much you can get done on four hours of sleep!

No matter what your definition of adventure is, we hope you find something to inspire you in this issue of Northland Lifestyle. And if you have an inspirational story of your own, I hope you’ll share it with me! As we enter this season of thanksgiving, appreciate each day as the adventure that it is. Each day is a gift and all we have to do is open it with a glad heart.

Peace and thanks to you and yours,