Shock Treatment Makes Your Worst Nightmares Come True 7

Don’t Let The Live Actors Scare You To Death!

What could be more satisfying for horror movie aficionados than seeing the latest frightening flick?  How about starring in one?

Adam Roberts and Brent Miller, owners of the Screenland Armour Theater and Tapcade, have made it possible for your worst nightmare to come true with the opening of SHOCK TREATMENT.

Part escape room, part horror movie, Shock Treatment evolved from the pair’s desire to open a haunted house.

“We’d always talked about opening a haunted house,” explains Miller, ‘but we decided to go one step further.  We’d been to some escape rooms, so we thought why not combine horror with the concept of the escape room? The result was an interactive horror experience in which guests decide their fate through our stories.”

Once they came up with the idea, they began looking for the perfect place to set up. “We were driving through NKC one day and saw a For Lease sign on a former retail space.  We took a look inside and decided it was the place to start,” explains Miller.

1735 Swift St. North Kansas City, MO was destined to become a fright site.

“At Shock Treatment, we’ve taken the basic elements of horror plots: zombies, psychopaths, and ghosts, and brainstormed situations for individual experiences. Each room is based on a common fear.“

The result is a first-of-its-kind interactive experience.

“As far as we know, this is the first place like this in the area and even the nation,“ Miller says. “All of the rooms are movie quality and the experiences feature local actors and actresses. This is not your typical haunted house. It’s more like interactive horror theatre that you get to participate in.”

Participants can choose from three different experiences. The first room, Kemmler Labs: Black Site 17 can last up to 75 minutes and requires a minimum of three players. The storyline casts participants as rescuers of a serum for immortality.  The team’s mission, should they decide to accept it, is to retrieve the secret formula, search the lab, uncover the monsters and try to escape before becoming a part of the experiment. Has everyone escaped? They’re not telling.

The second room, Dinner for Four, is the most intense experience.

Participants encounter contact with actors during at a dinner party gone terribly wrong. This experience lasts 45-60 minutes.  It’s not for the faint of heart!

Apartment 1B, the third experience, is a two-person adventure and runs from 45-60 minutes. The theme for this one involves the supernatural. A couple buys an apartment in New York City, knowing an elderly woman had passed away inside. Once they begin remodeling, strange things begin to occur. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to find out what those are!

“All three rooms have opened to rave reviews. The response has been great!” says Miller. “We’ve received all 5-star reviews. We’ve been fairly busy since we’ve opened, which is never a bad thing, but we’ll be super busy once the spooky season begins. I would definitely advise people to make online reservations in advance. We’ll fill up quickly!”

One addition the owners quickly recognized a need for was the addition of a gathering place for players to hang out and discuss their experience.

“We noticed people would leave and gather outside to talk about what they’d just been through. We thought it would be nice if they had a place to sit and have a drink and share their stories. So, we thought why not our place?”

Miller and Adams plan to add a 20-30 seat spooky speakeasy that will feature local beverages such as Union Horse, J. Reiger, Restless Spirits and products from S.D. Strong Distilling. The horror-themed hang out will feature several beers on tap also.

“We’re extremely hopeful we can open the bar in October,” offers Miller, “but it all depends on how quickly we get our liquor license.”

What’s the best part of this?

“It’s been fun for us because working at Shock Treatment is like watching a horror film with a different twist every time,” Miller smiles. “We’re pleased to give people the opportunity to experience something they can’t find anywhere else. You get to star in your own horror movie; the difference is you escape alive.”

Shock Treatment is open Wednesday through Sunday with the possibility of additional days if everything sells out. Tickets are $35.  For more information or reservations, check out their website at, if you dare!