Ah, October. Is there anything sweeter than savoring a pint of Cinder Block’s Block IPA or a glass of local wine as you gather with friends around the bonfire? As the weather cools and we slow down a bit from the hectic pace of summer, a relaxing beverage certainly sounds like heaven.

Our annual beer and wine issue inadvertently turned into an issue dedicated to the growth of North Kansas City! It’s impossible to talk about craft beer in Kansas City without mentioning North Kansas City, as they have opened their arms and their unused warehouse and retail space to brewers and distillers alike. With three breweries, a distillery, a home brew shop, a movie theater with the best beer selection in town, and a beer and coffee bar all within walking distance of each other, NKC is rapidly becoming a destination for those that like to imbibe and indulge variety.

We visit Colony Espresso and Beer in this issue. This beer bar and coffee shop combo would be at home in the Crossroads but instead nestles nicely on Armour Road. I have to admit, I have spent many an hour sipping beautifully crafted lattes while typing away on various assignments there. With comfortable seating, a ping pong table and muted televisions for the sports minded, this hybrid bar/coffee hang out is just what the city needed.

In addition to beer, we also meet the Shannons, the husband and wife duo behind Restless Spirits Distilling. Their four spirit lineup is doing things a little differently, creating unique aromatic blends for their highly sought after gin and blending their whiskey just like the Irish do. They’ve committed to making spirits that stand out in the crowded liquor store shelves.

After what seems like an interminably long nine months of pregnancy, I’m excited to try some of the new beers and spirits available in the Northland. With the wealth of talent in our local businesses, it would be a crime not to partake! So raise a glass and try something new this month!