Kansas City Beer: A History of Brewing in the Heartland. 1

Local author illuminates the history of brewing in Kansas City

Beer is more than a beverage in Kansas City–it’s a passion. That passion led Kansas City author and frequent Northland Lifestyle contributor Pete Dulin to dive glass first into the history of the brew in his newest release, Kansas City Beer: A History of Brewing in the Heartland.

Kansas City Beer: A History of Brewing in the Heartland traces the growth of brewing in the city from the first German-style brewery opening in the mid-1850s to a modern wave of 21st-century breweries. The book explores historical details of nearly 70 breweries including iconic Imperial Brewing, built in 1902 and still standing today, the reign of Muehlebach Brewing for more than 80 years, and the 26-year growth of Boulevard Brewing Company. Local and national history is interwoven into the story of the city’s evolution, including its origins as a frontier town populated by westbound immigrants, pioneers, and entrepreneurs and the Prohibition era, when “Boss” Tom Pendergast ruled the Paris of the Plains. Today, the contemporary craft beer renaissance is alive and well in Kansas City, where a dozen breweries have emerged to meet demand for fresh local beer.

Through its pages, Dulin explores some of the oldest breweries (Weston Brewing Company makes that claim) and works his way up through the birth of the craft beer movement with John McDonald’s Boulevard Brewing Company. He even investigates Kansas City’s shaky relationship with the temperance movement along the Kansas/Missouri State line.

Dulin explores the recent explosion of craft breweries in the metro area and beyond, starting in the mid-1990s and finishing with the present day and the coming of age of craft brewing industry in Kansas City. Throughout the book, he enlightens readers on style variations and evolution of beer–how it started and where we are headed.

Pete Dulin has written about food, beverage and other subjects for more than fifteen years. His work has appeared in Feast Magazine, Recommended Daily, Flatland, The Kansas City Star, Visit KC, Northland Lifestyle, the Boston Globe and many other publications and websites. He is the author of KC Ale Trail, Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City’s Best Chefs and Cooks and the forthcoming Expedition of Thirst. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can pre-order the book at 
Amazon.com. It will be released in the metro area on October 24.