Hooves and claws and fur, oh my!

It’s here! The annual Pets issue has arrived and I couldn’t be more 
 excited to share this month’s stories with you. Pets are a huge part of our lives but in this issue, we take a look into the lives of working animals.

When it comes to crowd control, there’s not much that’s more effective, according to the KCPD, than a horse-mounted officer. In this issue, we ride along with the KC Mounted Patrol as they make inroads not just in keeping the peace but also in forging relationships with the community. In a news world where so much of the coverage is controversial, the Mounted Patrol is reaching out and shaking hands and hooves with those that may never come into contact with horses otherwise.

Bees are also a focus. Would they count as pets? Most would say no, but as the Ballenger and Knapton families, owners of Bee Haven Farms, can attest, bees are some of the hardest working animals around. Take a peek inside the hive and find out where your honey comes from.

American Pet focuses more on traditional pets, grooming the cats and dogs of the Northland in a spa-like setting. After several decades in the Northland, they have a reputation for quality and happy customers, canine, feline, and homo sapien alike.

I’m an unabashed dog lover and I’ve waxed poetic about my two pups many times. But as you’ll read in this month’s Parting Thoughts, my fur-covered world is about the change with the birth of my first child. Still, I’m determined to keep my dogs as an integral part of my family. I can’t wait for my daughter to meet them.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Northland Lifestyle and let me know what’s going on in your neck of the woods!