Packing up Some Sunshine

This month our focus is on our four legged friends and companions.  What woof we be without them?  I’m writing this letter shortly after having a ‘conversation’ about being an all around ‘good little human’ with my preschooler & first-grader.  Fellow parents, can you visualize the image of a dog turning their head sideways now with confusion?  Yip, after the zillionth time of mommy hearing …

“Why do I have to share with my sister?”

“Maggie did (this)!” or “Cecilia did (that)!”

<<crickets chirping – cancel that – cicadas yelling>>

The dog that goes by…“because Mommy said so!” just wasn’t hunting that day!  I redirected, explaining animals can teach us how to be better people.  I lead with, “Girls, here’s a few things we can learn from our pets”.  Upon further reflection, I’m certain I got just as much out of our sit down.

Ah, the old adage – forgive yourself and others.  How long does a cat stay mad when you step on its tail?  Well…we are talking about cats (from a dog lover’s perspective).  In all seriousness – why take ourselves so seriously?  With respect to a cat’s nine lives – why not live this life first class and check the luggage?  Just sayin’!

Bacchus (our Doberman) never over-thinks the past nor worries about the future.  At the dog park, we simply enjoy our togetherness, soak up the sun, and take the wind through our whiskers.  I recently heard FEAR as the acronym ‘False Evidence Appearing Real”.  Animal lover or not – who couldn’t lighten up watching a puppy first discover their own reflection in the mirror?

Admittedly, when my mother reads this, she will belly laugh by these paybacks.  To her delight I’ll humbly reply, “after all – I am my mother’s daughter!”

Thanks to those in the community who have reached out to me directly and continue to do so as we celebrate our collective wins.  If you have an idea, I’m all ears – no bark – and little bite! Give me a call at 913.710.3040!

Keep in touch and we’ll see you around town!