Twilight at the Treehouse for Liberty Hospital Foundation

Twilight at the Treehouse for Liberty Hospital Foundation 10

The event on June 10th featured activities, raffle baskets, a Live Auction and Raise the Paddle auction benefitting the Student Assistance Program at Liberty Public Schools. The Foundation provides vouchers for under/uninsured students at Liberty schools to receive medical care. $87,000 was raised for the Foundation. Photos Larry F. Levenson.

Home is where the heart is

Home grown. The theme for this month’s issue is also the theme for the magazine in general–it is the people and businesses that make the fabric of the Northland. But this month we hone in on a few that are even more close to home–artists that paint heartbeats, artists that paint landmarks, retailers that sell hometown pride and more.

The Brewkery Brews a Hit With Lucky Elixir Kombucha

The Brewkery Brews a Hit With Lucky Elixir Kombucha 4

Kombucha, a Russian word that means “tea mushroom,” refers to a drink of fermented tea that dates back to the late 19th century. While sharing the same name, Russian fermented tea is entirely different from Japanese kombucha, a rich, salty black tea that uses kombu, or kelp. Kombu is also used to make dashi, a soup broth and cooking stock made from edible kelp. As owners of The Brewkery, Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway have transformed their Lucky Elixir brand of locally-made kombucha – a modern, mushroom-free version of the Russian fermented tea – into a thriving business.

Synergy Services Expands Children’s Center

Synergy Services Expands Children’s Center 4

The Children’s Center of Synergy Services, a Parkville-based non-profit shelter for women and children, has experienced growing pains for years.
“The Center typically serves 125 children annually, nearly 2,000 children since the program began in 2000,” says Dennis Meier, associate executive director at Synergy. “Unfortunately, the program turns away more than 300 each year due to limited capacity.”

Codie Lea–Getting straight to the heart

Codie Lea--Getting straight to the heart 5

ometimes a person’s life unfolds in a predictable manner–the cheerleader marries the star quarterback. But sometimes, life takes a more circuitous route. Codie Lea is a fan of finding the path not taken and making something memorable along the way. That’s how she came up with the idea for her art studio, Moxie Muse Designs and the paintings that give solace to those that need it.

Around Town


Northlander Jimmie Bratcher gets the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open up for the legendary Willie Nelson on August 5 in Sturgis, South Dakota. Bratcher, most commonly known as “The Electric Rev” has performed before at The Legendary Buffalo Chip but never on the main stage and never before Willie Nelson. Bratcher’s lightning-strike performances crackle with high-voltage guitar playing and emotionally charged vocals. Bratcher makes the hairs rise on the arms of the crowds he entertains in the map of clubs, festivals, bike rallies, churches and prisons that he calls “the road.” For more information on his upcoming concerts, visit

Assistance League Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Assistance League Celebrates 30th Anniversary 9

Member volunteers of the Assistance League of Kansas City kicked off their 30th Anniversary year at the June chapter meeting sporting their celebration pearls and T-shirts. The organization spearheads multiple programs that aid the needy in Kansas City. Celebrating 30 years together . . . making our community better.

Ghostly Tidings This Way Come

Ghostly Tidings This Way Come

Fall’s ever-earlier darkening skies and the crunch of leaves underfoot may bring forth favorite ghost stories for most, but it was in the midst of the stifling summer heat that I found myself trapped in the most frightening of tales.

The Middle KC Brings the Best of the Midwest to the Northland

The Middle KC Brings the Best of the Midwest to the Northland 5

The Middle KC is located at 109 Main Street, Parkville, MO. Hours are: Mondays – Closed. Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.. Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.. Visit them online at
Northland shoppers looking for a Crossroads or Westport selection of local artisan products now need go no further than Main Street in Historic Downtown Parkville. The Middle KC put an end to that.

Roma Italian restaurant

Roma Italian restaurant 9

Don’t judge a restaurant by its building. That’s what I learned after eating at the Northland’s newest Italian eatery, Roma, located on Barry Road. While the Pizza Hut shaped building may look the same, the kitchen is pumping out family recipes from Sicily, not stuffed crust grease bombs.

Connecting Kansas City through art

Connecting Kansas City through art 6

Artist Vanessa Lacy has two things that bring her the most joy: running outside and painting. This is reflected in some of the artwork she produces: her grandparents’ lake at sunset, a campfire at night, fountains at Loose Park, or the Crossroads district of Kansas City.