Summertime. . . And the living is easy

Well, at least the living is warm! As the heat wave set in early this year, know that I’m suffering right along with you, dear readers, as I baste in the heat at seven months pregnant. July in Kansas City is a serious undertaking and sometimes you just need to escape!

That’s what this issue is all about–summer travel. With the kids out of school and the open road beckoning, it’s the perfect time to make a break for it whether it’s a short day trip or a longer vacation. We have options for both for you!

For a shorter trip, head to Weston to visit the new Green Dirt Farm Creamery. The new production facility provides easy access to the sheep’s milk cheese that Kansas Citians have fallen in love with. With Terra Vox Winery and Hearth Baking Company also represented, it’s the perfect place to pick up picnic supplies before heading to Weston Bend State Park for some wildlife spotting. And don’t forget the locally made ice cream for the kiddos!

If you crave water, like I do, consider the beaches of North Carolina. With miles of options, even Missouri landlubbers can find a quiet cove in which to relax and recharge. Add a bit of history to the mix with Civil War battlegrounds and it’s almost like the kids are still in school with much more enjoyable homework.

If you just want to escape the heat, the St. Paul area offers lots of options from craft breweries to posh eateries and plenty of entertainment in between. Yes, the mosquito is the state bird of Minnesota (not really, but almost) but there are plenty of fun places to escape them in the St. Paul.

As photographer Lani Odell points out, travel is a luxury that not many can afford, so if you have the opportunity to get away, take it! As the commercials point out, Americans routinely don’t take all of the vacation time that is allotted to them. Why? What is work but a means to an end? Your life is waiting and there are memories to be made. Hit the road!

Happy travels!