Packing up Some Sunshine

Before we know it the Dog Days of Summer will officially commence and it’s time for fireworks, family, friends, and franks on the barbie!  I was inspired by our recent Home Edition because it conjured up thoughts regarding the organized chaos my family is currently undertaking. We just moved to Weatherby Lake and so begins another leg in the life of the boxes that still decorate an unfinished basement. C’est la vie!

As my faithful mother selflessly worked alongside me packing box after box,  I found myself getting incredibly nostalgic.  Perhaps it was each memory I physically sorted, perhaps it was her tender reminder of the idiom, “one’s trash is another’s treasure,” and watching my children learn to be charitable. There were some items, of course, that I couldn’t part with, vestiges of a simpler time in my life and the life of my two daughters.  You see, she’s the kind of mother, having two girls of her own, that knows that some days are indeed long – yet the years are short!   Isn’t life funny that way?

This Summer Travel edition brings forth both personal and professional new beginnings.  These pages highlight not only the joy of summer but the celebration of our 5th year of publishing!

As our faithful readership knows, our publication is anything but ordinary.  We are truly about who we serve – the events that define and surround us – after all, these are the neighborhoods we call home!  We are Northland proud (but please don’t tell our neighbors to the South of our secret sauce)!

Immense thanks to our editor, Rachel, as she is the ultimate anchor showcasing our community. She is dialed into the pulse of our population and for this we are thankful!  The collaboration of our business leaders, friends, and neighbors is what makes our publication valuable.  We’ve grown and we’re thankful.  It’s your communal voice that has given us the platform to share in the excitement of what makes us unique.  Thank you, fellow Northlanders!

What is going on in your backyard?  Who is making a difference in someone’s life?  Who is truly notable in their approach to life?  As Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Amen!

Please share with me what otherwise may go overlooked.  Let’s connect and strengthen our bond. We are more than a collection of stories; we are the diary of your life in the Northland.  Please do not hesitate to reach out directly at 913.710.3040.  I welcome hearing from our neighbors and look forward to seeing you around town!


Carey Welsch, Publisher