Local Smile Expert Uses His Expertise to Brighten the Lives of Others 2

There’s More Than One Way to Cause a Smile

Kansas City dentist Michael Byars, D.D.S., is committed to smiles.  Whether it’s through application of his dental expertise, his extensive work in the community, or by engaging his staff in cheek-retractor bubble blowing, you won’t find anyone who has more fun taking his job seriously.

Byars began his practice in Kansas City twelve years ago. He spent the majority of the first three years working for Miles of Smiles, a non-profit, school based dental program that provides free dental care to children who do not have access to oral health services.

“I found tremendous satisfaction and experienced great personal growth through serving children who may not otherwise ever have a chance to see a dentist. Many of us take for granted being able to live our lives free of debilitating mouth pain,” says Byars.  “My colleagues and I at Miles of Smiles were able to help many children who dealt with this pain on a regular basis. The immediate appreciation and happiness shown towards us by the children we treated was extremely satisfying!”

Byars and his wife Lundy also volunteer for the YMCA Challenger program. For the past 10 years, they’ve worked with children and adults with special needs, serving as athlete buddies and coaches, and assisting with fundraising.

While volunteering for the Challenger program, the Byars have coached tee ball, soccer, flag football, basketball, tennis, and bowling. Currently, they are coaching a tee ball team at the Challenger Complex in the Northland.

“We enjoy donating our time to Challenger,” comments Byars. “We’ve made countless lifetime friends from our association with the program.”

Byars’ exemplary work outside the office is equal only by that of the work inside his office.  He found his current dental “home” nine years ago and established his practice in Liberty based on satisfying a single principle:  What is in the patient’s best interest?

“This question is at the heart of every recommendation,” Byars explains. “We use this thought process when we make every decision in the practice from what treatment options we are recommending to the decision to refer the patient to a specialist or to treat the patient in our office. If we have a patient that is well informed about the problems that we find, all of their treatment options to address those problems, the pros/cons of each of those treatment options, the consequences of inaction and a timeframe by which things will change, we have a patient that is involved in their treatment and this is why so many of our patients choose to stay with our practice long term and cite our trustworthiness as their reason to stay. “

Byars’ believes his practice stands out among the other dental practices in that his is a privately owned practice unlike many of the ‘corporate’ dental practices that have popped in the area in recent years.

“We have a practice where we dedicate much more time and individualized attention than most patients are used to,” comments Byars. “We have a team that continually strives to deliver the very best customer service and individual attention to every single patient and that is why our patient following is so loyal and trusting.”

It’s not unusual for patients to describe their dental visit with such comments as, “I’ve never had such a thorough or comfortable experience at the dentist.”

That comfortable experience may well be enhanced by the humor Byars infuses in his work to make the overall dental experience a memorable one. While Byars does take his work seriously, he brings fun to the workplace every day. It’s not unusual for staff members to see him dancing down the hallway or hear him joking with patients but the quality of the work remains the same.

“The quality of the experience and the dental work that is completed in this office is of utmost importance to every single team member. We strive to deliver the type of experience that people can tell their family and friends about.”

To call Byars a smile expert is no understatement.  In addition to general dentistry, he also offers special services such as implant placement and restoration, cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain veneers and crowns, and comprehensive periodontal care. He offers a diagnostic wax up prior to cosmetic services, allowing the patient to see what the final result will be before anything is permanently done (this step is often skipped in other practices).

Does your smile need work?  Call the expert.