Kindest Kansas Citian Awards

Kindest Kansas Citian Awards 9

A sold-out crowd of more than 400 attended the 26th annual Kindest Kansas Citian awards, a benefit for Synergy Services. The celebration of kindness makes it possible for Synergy to offer anti-violence programs throughout Greater Kansas City.

GO Project Family 5K

GO Project Family 5K 13

The Global Orphan Project teamed up with CarePortal this year to raise awareness for hurting children and families in Kansas City. CarePortal is an initiative of The Global Orphan Project connecting local churches and state to meet the needs of children in the foster care system and at-risk families.

Local Smile Expert Uses His Expertise to Brighten the Lives of Others

Local Smile Expert Uses His Expertise to Brighten the Lives of Others 2

Kansas City dentist Michael Byars, D.D.S., is committed to smiles. Whether it’s through application of his dental expertise, his extensive work in the community, or by engaging his staff in cheek-retractor bubble blowing, you won’t find anyone who has more fun taking his job seriously.

Green Dirt Farm’s Creamery Brings the Farm to Market

Green Dirt Farm’s Creamery Brings the Farm to Market 3

Follow the dog-leg bend eastbound on Welt Street in Weston and just before the intersection with 45 Highway, there’s a delicious reason to pull off the road at Green Dirt Farm’s Creamery. The sheep farm, founded by Sarah Hoffmann and known for its award-winning cheeses, opened a retail space and tasting room in early June. Inside, the Creamery is home to a bounty of farm cheeses, sheep’s milk yogurt, ice cream, and local wine and bread.

Cheers for Charity benefitting the Parkville Police Commission Assistance Fund

Cheers for Charity benefitting the Parkville Police Commission Assistance Fund

Wolfe~Sweeney & Courtney hosted the event at Parkville Reece Nichols office on April 27th raising over $700 for the Fund. Founder and Chief of Police Kevin Chrisman was the guest speaker. Through the local schools, Chief Chrisman finds out which children and families are in need of financial assistance.

Summertime. . . And the living is easy

Summertime. . . And the living is easy

Well, at least the living is warm! As the heat wave set in early this year, know that I’m suffering right along with you, dear readers, as I baste in the heat at seven months pregnant. July in Kansas City is a serious undertaking and sometimes you just need to escape!

Go North to Eat, Drink and Explore in St. Paul, Minnesota

Go North to Eat, Drink and Explore in St. Paul, Minnesota 9

As summer heats up, the cooler climes of the Upper Midwest make St. Paul, Minnesota, an enticing summer destination for families or a couples’ getaway. The 6.5-hour drive from Kansas City is a road trip that can be accomplished in one day. En route, stop at Van Dee’s Ice Cream Shop in Johnston, Iowa, north of West Des Moines and a short hop from I-35 for a cool treat or Walk’n Tacos, bags of Doritos filled with taco fillings. Once in St. Paul, the city has no shortage of fun places for explorers to eat, drink, and find adventure.


Grandfamilies 4

Fern Brashear says that everyone who knows her knows her story.
One major part of that story: at 81, she’s one of approximately 4,000 older adults raising grandchildren in the Kansas City area.

Event Space and Chapel at Piropos

Event Space and Chapel at Piropos 4

In Argentina, when a compliment is given to a woman, it’s called a piropo. First opened in 2001 in Parkville, Piropos Restaurant moved to the Northland’s Briarcliff Village in 2006 with the Parkville location remaining as a banquet facility.

A Summer Vacay to the Beaches of North Carolina

A Summer Vacay to the Beaches of North Carolina 10

If “Little Shop of Horrors” is one of your favorite movies, or if you are old enough to remember the TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati,” you have a basic, if not inaccurate and comedic, familiarity with the Venus flytrap.
If you’re a nerdy flower geek, like Rick Moranis’ character Seymour or if you just like soothing walks in the forest or along the beach, you will certainly enjoy a visit to Carolina Beach State Park on North Carolina’s southern coast, one of the few remaining places in the world where the Venus flytrap grows in the wild. Yes, the Venus flytrap is a real plant, but unlike Audrey II, it thrives on the sandy soil of North Carolina, not human blood.

Packing up Some Sunshine

Packing up Some Sunshine

Before we know it the Dog Days of Summer will officially commence and it’s time for fireworks, family, friends, and franks on the barbie! I was inspired by our recent Home Edition because it conjured up thoughts regarding the organized chaos my family is currently undertaking. We just moved to Weatherby Lake and so begins another leg in the life of the boxes that still decorate an unfinished basement. C’est la vie!

On the Road with Lani

On the Road with Lani 5

For some artists, the impetus to create comes from the outside. Such was the case with photographer Lani Odell. Odell has been one of the primary photographers for Northland Lifestyle for several years now but she does much more than just portraits. She’s a traveler, a wanderer with an eye for color and the yearning to see the parts of the world that many don’t have the opportunity to see.

The Sunroom

The Sunroom

This is not a story about travel. It’s a story about the things that we put off in order to travel and what happens when we focus.
My husband is a builder. He’s one of those people that sees visions of greatness where none currently exist. That’s how he bought his house in the Northland. He chose a home that had been foreclosed on with furry mold and standing water in the basement and a ‘bonus’ room, as they would say on House Hunters, on the back of the house. What was there was a nightmarish mess of hodge-podge add-ons completed over the years by people with no business holding a hammer. What he saw was a sleek, mid-century modern cottage, the blank slate for all of his design ideas.