Ah, June. June is the month where fragrant smoke fills the air, as a thousand backyard BBQ kings light the coals and show the family how grilling is done. It’s when after work baseball leagues hit their stride and we start spending more time in the park with the kids and less time in front of the TV. And on June 19th, we celebrate the men that anchor our families–Dads.

Of course, women can BBQ, land a base hit and play with the kiddos as well, but in this issue, we are focusing on the men in our community that make it great. Men like Andrew Potter, 29, who decided long ago that he was going to be a leader. His inclination has proven to be true, although in a different way than he first thought–instead of making a career in the military, he is teaching people leadership at his new rock climbing gym, RoKC.

John Putnam took a passion—vintage watches—and made it into a thriving business that draws worldwide acclaim. Even President Obama stopped in for a peek last year! Now he’s expanded his vision into more vintage goods with the space next door to Cool Vintage Watches, 107 Main. He’s taking manly in a definitely stylish direction.

Or maybe you’re more interested in music. If so, the ‘Fast’ Johnny Ricker is right up your alley. This Northland-born and bred guitarist has opened for some of the biggest names in music but still loves playing the hometown gigs too. You may be able to see him on a stage in KC soon.
As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, let’s give kudos to the men in our lives that make it so special. They are our coaches, caregivers, and compatriots. They have shown us how to work and loved showing us how to play as well. Whether you have a grandfather, uncle, father, brother, son, spouse or just a dear friend that inspires you, let him know this month.

Happy Father’s Day!