Soccer Star Trevor Cisell Shares Lessons On and Off the Field 3

Missouri State record holder breaks it all down.

Trevor Cissell tells me that winning isn’t everything.

The St. Pius X senior who shattered the Missouri State High School Activities Association career scoring record last October—right before breaking his leg—says his achievement is more about the team than it is about him.

“I was glad to break the record,” says Cissell, “but I don’t see it as just my achievement.”

Cissell credits his coach, Todd Ashby, with bringing the record to his attention and consistently encouraging him to keep working to break the record.

“We planned together,” says Cissell. “And my teammates were always there for me, too. I missed a lot of chances before it actually happened, but they kept pushing me forward, kept encouraging me. And then when it happened, everyone was really happy.”

Cissell, a Liberty native, started playing soccer when he was two years old. His dad, Chris, is the head coach of UMKC’s women’s soccer team.

“My love of soccer started with my dad. He put a soccer ball next to me when I was born,” says Cissell. “He inspires me and he sets the highest standards for me so that I can continually improve.”

Before high school Cissell played for Sporting Academy. When he started at St. Pius X, he recruited friends to join the team.

“Our goalie is my best friend,” he says. “He’d never played until junior year. But he was really good and I knew he’d make the team better.”

That move—recruiting friends to play a sport he loves—seems to embody Cissell’s philosophy on life, who says he spends his free time working part-time at HyVee, playing other sports like tennis and basketball, and hanging out with family and friends.

“I try to have as much fun as possible because I know I won’t always be able to do that,” he says. “I’m pretty busy, but I really like everything I do and I know that nothing is truly impossible. It’s mind over matter. If you love something, you work hard at it; otherwise, there’s no point.”

Cissell will study business and play soccer at UMKC next fall. He’s excited to stay in Kansas City.

“I love Kansas City,” he says, “and I’m a big Sporting fan, of course.”

Cissell says he’ll take one particular lesson with him as he transitions from high school to college.

“Breaking the record taught me to never give up,” he says. “There will always be lows in my career, but the highs feel really, really good because of the lows. It’s all about working hard, having fun, and keeping things in perspective. It’s not always about winning.”