Here's the Beef 6

Old-fashioned butcher shop in Liberty provides heart healthy beef

Co-owners of fairly new The Upper Cut in Liberty, Chris and Kelsi Peuster both grew up with a passion for livestock, and have turned that love into a goal of improving the United States beef industry. For them, this starts with a local butcher shop that provides a heart healthy beef, raised on their working farm.

“One of Chris’s college roommates introduced us to Akaushi beef a few years ago and we were forever changed as beef consumers. Akaushi beef is a Japanese breed of cattle that is heart healthy and grades in the top 2% of beef in the world. It has been argued to be the most palatable beef in the world. What makes it heart healthy is the monounsaturated and saturated fatty acid ratios actually promotes good cholesterol, kind of like an avocado. It’s chock-full of good fats, and it tastes amazing,” Kelsi Peuster says.

A store wasn’t in their original plans but has become a way to share their love of beef and to help the community. The store opened in October 2015 and has been building their customer base.

“When we tried this beef, we knew we had to bring more awareness to it and that’s how the store was born. Our partners Derry and Mary Wright are just as passionate about this product as we are. We all have a combined goal of bringing better quality to our community and giving people a more healthy and local option for meats,” Peuster says.

Customers can find more than just Akaushi beef at The Upper Cut. They have an extensive menu, with an in-house butcher that will cut anything to order.

“We have locally-raised pork as well and some chicken products. All of our meats are completely natural, no hormones or antibiotics in anything. Better quality is what you will find at The Upper Cut KC. We have a full-time professional butcher that has more than 30 years experience in the business. We make all of our own sausages and bratwurst, which include five different flavors: the original, the cheese brat, the bacon cheddar beer brat, the jalapeño pineapple brat and the beefy red hot brat,” Peuster says.

The Peusters live on their working farm in Richmond with their son, Gates.

“We spend free time driving through our pastures, gawking at the new generation of our herd. Our farm is a working farm with a purebred operation of about 500 cows, and we don’t do tours. These livestock are being raised for a purpose that we always have in mind, providing quality meat for our community. Our beef is all natural, raised in a grass pasture and finished with a non-GMO corn silage. There are no antibiotics, no hormones or enhancing products of any kind,” Peuster says.
The Upper Cut is located in Liberty, just west of 1-35 on 291. They are open Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday -Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday Noon to 4 p.m., and are closed Mondays. Check their list of meats at