Craig Richey 1

WHO: Craig Richey

WHAT: Firefighter/paramedic, Army combat veteran with tours in Afghanistan, husband to Jennifer, father to Finley

WHERE: Gladstone Fire Department

FAVORITE TREAT: Fresh cut strawberries with chocolate

FAVORITE HOBBY: If I’m not at work, I enjoy rock climbing for sport and bouldering. If I’m at home, I’m wrenching on my 1974 Chevy Nova.

FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: Moab, Utah. The climbing, 4-wheeling and canyoneering is unparalleled.

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: I’m not much of a drinker but I like Dr. Pepper.

Favorite Northland Eatery: Giovanni’s Italian Deli!

BEST WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND: A perfect weekend is either spending time with my wife and daughter, or at a car show.  Better yet it’s bringing my wife and daughter TO a car show.   I haven’t figured out a good way to fit a car seat in my Nova around the roll cage.