Patriot Outreach Golf Tournament

Patriot Outreach Golf Tournament 8

The inaugural Patriot Outreach Golf tournament on May 9, raised $3,500. The proceeds will provide free Coping Strategies CDs to all Warriors who request them, fund Warriors/First Responders attending PTSD Seminars, provide financial assistance to disabled veterans, and counseling to those individuals and families suffering from stress disorders.

Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs & BBQ Ten Year Anniversary

Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs & BBQ Ten Year Anniversary 13

Hot Spot Pools, Hot Tubs & BBQ owners Larry and Carol Jones celebrated 10 years in business on April 16. The event was a thank you to the loyal customers who make it possible for Hot Spot to continue to provide exceptional products and services for the backyard oasis.

To Sir, With Love

Ah, June. June is the month where fragrant smoke fills the air, as a thousand backyard BBQ kings light the coals and show the family how grilling is done. It’s when after work baseball leagues hit their stride and we start spending more time in the park with the kids and less time in front of the TV. And on June 19th, we celebrate the men that anchor our families–Dads.

Bun Mee Phan–Bringing Color to your Sandwiches

Bun Mee Phan--Bringing Color to your Sandwiches 5

If you’re used to the same old, same old when it comes to your sandwiches, you’re in for a delightful wake-up call. Bahn mi have arrived in the Northland with a vengeance and sandwich lovers should unite in celebration. If the phrase ‘Taste the rainbow’ wasn’t already copyrighted, then it would be quite apropos at the newest eatery on North Oak Trafficway, Bun Mee Phan.

RoKC-Climbing to New Heights

RoKC-Climbing to New Heights 6

Sometimes the passions that you harbor as a kid stick around for a while. For Boy Scout, Army officer and rock climbing enthusiast Andrew Potter, he found that his passion for the summit has turned into a thriving business in the heart of North Kansas City.

Fast Johnny Ricker

Fast Johnny Ricker 2

Music is the sweet seasoning of imagination. Those that love rock and roll or blues have private fantasies about standing in front of a big crowd, singing “Free Bird” and shredding the guitar solo with notes played to perfection. Many of us will never follow through, but some paid their dues and live the dream.

Around Town

Around Town 12

Russ Wolfe and Candi Sweeney are excited to announce their new partner, Kristine Courtney, with a new team name and logo, “Wolfe~Sweeney & Courtney”. Kristine joined Russ and Candi in 2007. Wolfe~Sweeney & Associates have been the #1 Resale Team north of the River for 11 straight years. Wolfe~Sweeney & Courtney, who closed over $47 Million in 2015, are located at the Reece Nichols office at The Village at Burlington Creek. Kristine attended Park Hill High School, University of Missouri, and married Billy Courtney, her childhood sweetheart. They raised their two children, Brandon and Anna, in the Northland, both of whom attended Park Hill South. Kristine chose a real estate career after a successful management career with Aldi for 16 years.

Soccer Star Trevor Cisell Shares Lessons On and Off the Field

Soccer Star Trevor Cisell Shares Lessons On and Off the Field 3

Trevor Cissell tells me that winning isn’t everything.
The St. Pius X senior who shattered the Missouri State High School Activities Association career scoring record last October—right before breaking his leg—says his achievement is more about the team than it is about him.

Here’s the Beef

Here's the Beef 6

Co-owners of fairly new The Upper Cut in Liberty, Chris and Kelsi Peuster both grew up with a passion for livestock, and have turned that love into a goal of improving the United States beef industry. For them, this starts with a local butcher shop that provides a heart healthy beef, raised on their working farm.

The Men’s Field Guide to the Northland

The Men's Field Guide to the Northland 1

The North American habitat of the male species of homo sapiens in Kansas City, Missouri, specifically the territory bounded by the Missouri River to the south and Clay and Platte counties to the north, known colloquially as the Northland, is a wild, wonderful environment rich with resources for food, drink, adventure, and entertainment.

Cool Vintage Watches Makes Timely Expansion

Cool Vintage Watches Makes Timely Expansion 1

John Putnam didn’t plan on becoming a watch collector. He hadn’t originally planned on opening Cool Vintage Watches, and most certainly didn’t expect to expand his business within a few years. But, he did.
After spending more than 20 years marketing vintage watches and watch accessories online, Putnam became burnt out on strictly online sales. He missed the day-to-day interaction with people. He didn’t give up his online business but did make the decision to expand his offering of collectibles and create a place people would visit and want to come back. In the fall of 2012, he opened the brick and mortar version of Cool Vintage Watches surrounding his collection of timepieces with an array of memorable antiques, collectibles, and cool stuff, in general.

Craig Richey

Craig Richey 1

BEST WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND: A perfect weekend is either spending time with my wife and daughter, or at a car show. Better yet it’s bringing my wife and daughter TO a car show. I haven’t figured out a good way to fit a car seat in my Nova around the roll cage.