May has finally come and with it, the hope of stable weather, warm nights and balmy days. The smell of fresh cut grass will perfume the air and we will finally settle in to the best time of the year–the twilight between spring and summer. It’s a time when grills are utilized, back porch beers are cracked open, and we may spend a little more time at home–willingly.

Our theme this month is the home but this time around, I’ve taken a broader view of it. Is a home a structure? Or is it a state of mind? For writer Pete Dulin, it’s more ephemeral than the studs and sheetrock that make a house. It’s an idea and a place of comfort. Read his insightful take on home in our Parting Thoughts this month.

If you are looking for the perfect house to make into a home, our feature on luxury living will inspire drool and mortgage searches. What does $3 million dollars buy? A standard of living that few of us will ever really experience, but for the lucky few, it’s amazing! And we found three right here in the Northland.

May is also the month that we celebrate our mothers. While Mother’s Day can be joyful for some, it can be painful for others that have struggled with infertility. We spoke with two families that have experienced the heartache of infertility and come out on the other side. This story was hard for me to write as I identified so closely with the longing that these mothers had to hold a child and call it their own. I’m currently pregnant with my first, so maybe it’s the hormones talking, but the path to motherhood is never a straight line.

We celebrate the mothers that have children and the ones that don’t. Whether a woman bears a child physically or not is seldom the beginning or end to her identity as a mother. Some women cherish pets as they would children. Some nurture friendships instead of parental relationships. And some choose to live a life without the pull of motherly instinct. And that’s okay too. This May, we celebrate women in all their diversity, mothers or not. The sheer volume of unique stories of the women in our community is staggering and we love them all.

I hope that you cherish a woman in your life, whether she is a mother, sister, daughter, partner, wife or friend.

Happy May!