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Christian comedian Kerri Pomarolli speaks May 25 at Club W event

In a world full of bad language, dirty jokes and raunchy movies, Christian comedian and motivational speaker, Kerri Pomarolli, is making her mark on the comedy scene while embracing a different style.

“I have been applauded as a clean comedian and speaker. It started as an actress, when I wouldn’t do topless scenes. I think I’ve earned people’s respect; I’ve heard ‘you’re clean and you’re still funny!’ There’s no topic that’s off limits–I can still talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and can really push that envelope, but still keep my integrity intact. Comedy Central referred to me as the “ditzy Christian character” and I like that. It’s definitely been more of a positive than a negative. Some female comedians think they have to be dirty to ‘make it in a man’s world.’ Society supports raunchy movies or dirty comedians, so they continue to be produced,” Pomarolli says.

Originally from Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Pomarolli lives in Hollywood with her two daughters. Comedy wasn’t her original career goal.

“I did some acting on General Hospital and Young and the Restless, mainly so the mean girls from high school would be nice to me when I went back for the reunion. I did the starving artist thing, was a terrible children’s party entertainer–I could only make snakes and swords with my balloons. I then got started with comedy at Second City in Chicago. My on stage and off stage lives were colliding and causing conflict. God said ‘you can be funny, but if you’re dirty, it’s your fault’. The minute I hit that stage, I knew I was home. You’re either addicted to it, or want to stab your eyes out. I knew I was home,” Pomarolli says.

Pomarolli also has a devotional book that is a companion to the movie, “Mom’s Night Out”. She hosted the red carpet for the movie, and was thrilled to meet Sean Astin and do the Goonie oath with him.

“The devotional is not for moms who have their lives together, but those who sometimes do snack time with tic tacs they found in their purse. The devotions are just 1 ½ pages, which is enough time for us to read in the bathroom before they knock the door down. It probably has every dysfunctional thing my kids have done.  There’s been some talk for a Mom’s Night Out 2,” Pomarolli says.

Pomarolli will be in Kansas City on May 25, as part of the Club W Wednesday night Live event for North Kansas City Hospital

“There is no better audience than women. It’s a event for getting crazy like staying out past 9 pm, running with scissors and not getting hurt. We as women put ourselves last. We say we won’t, but we do. There are signs you need a girls night out…when you’re eating Nutella in the shower or hiding under your bed. It should be an easy night, not a hard one, and one about having fun. There’s not a message I want to send. It’s just the amazing medicine of laughter. Just a fun night to take care of ourselves for once. I give you my personal guarantee you won’t be offended. It’s a great mother/daughter night, for women from 8-88. It’s not all mom/breastfeeding jokes, because those get old. It’s for moms of every background,” Pomarolli  says.

The Club W event is $15 per person for members, and $20 per person for non-members, and will be from 6-8 pm at the Improv Club at Zona Rosa.