Around Town

Around Town 7

Have you ever wanted to be on stage in a live performance? Ever wanted to be a star? Well, here’s your chance! Gladstone Parks and Recreation will begin its 29th season of Theatre in the Park and we need performers.
“Damn Yankees” will be presented on July 8, 9, &10. “Shrek” will be presented August 5, 6 & 7.
We invite you to come and be part of the excitement of a production! This free community theatre annually draws over 15,000 audience members.
Casting audition dates are April 3rd and April 9th with callbacks on April 10th.

Blood Drive at Stonecrest at Burlington Creek

Blood Drive at Stonecrest at Burlington Creek 12

Stonecrest at Burlington Creek held a blood drive on February 11. Donors received a complimentary lunch and helped to save six lives for every donation! Donations were received by the Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City.

Feeling Green!

Despite the mild winter and early spring, I can’t think of a year when I’ve been more excited to garden! After a long summer last year of remodeling the back of our house, our yard is looking a bit worse for wear and now the season is upon us to make it beautiful again. What’s your inspiration this spring?

No Names

No Names 9

The Northland is home to many different volunteer groups. One you might not have heard of is aptly called “The No Names.” The group started with Joe Swartz in 1976, when a small group of guys visited a nursing home in Riverside. The name of the group was the “no names,” and that name came about because the residents they visited always wanted to know what church they were from, and Swartz would say they did not represent a church and they had no name. The group has grown considerably since in the last 40 years, but has stayed true to the name and the mission.

In the Spirit: McCormick Distilling’s Eco-Friendly 360 Vodka

In the Spirit: McCormick Distilling's Eco-Friendly 360 Vodka 5

While exploring land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, explorers Lewis and Clark discovered a natural limestone spring in 1804 near what would become the town of Weston. The town, established in 1837 and incorporated in 1842, attracted residents, businessmen, and travelers as the westernmost town of its day in the U.S. Sometime in the 1850s, Kentucky businessman Ben Holladay was drawn to the area and took interest in the limestone spring discovered decades earlier. Holladay knew that the spring’s mineral-laden waters were ideal to produce high-quality whiskey similar to the spirits in his home state. Holladay and his brother, Major David Holladay, opened Holladay Distilling in 1856 near the spring amongst the hilly landscape in the years preceding the Civil War. The distillery changed names and ownership several times over subsequent decades until it became known as McCormick Distilling Company. Today, McCormick remains the country’s oldest distillery west of the Mississippi still operating in its original location. Now, McCormick is known for more than its whiskey and namesake vodka. In 2006, the distillery introduced 360 Vodka, a line of ecologically-friendly vodka unlike any other in the marketplace.

Going Back to School While Balancing Two Careers and A Family Requires Planning

Going Back to School While Balancing Two Careers and A Family Requires Planning 7

Stacy and Chad Johnson have two priorities in life: Lucy, age 6, and Alice, age 2.
Stacy, a Park University graduate, works in online operations at her alma mater. Chad is a director at a consulting firm that implements SAP software for companies across the country; his hours can be long and irregular.

Savers–Finding new life for old things

Savers--Finding new life for old things 13

That might sound like a bold statement; unrealistic, even, given the odds. But Savers has the stats to back it up: every day, each store sorts through approximately two tons of donated products and puts between five and six thousand new items on store shelves. Every year, it recycles 650 million tons of products and is the largest recycler of fabric in the world. And each Savers store employs approximately 50 people, many of them full-time and with benefits.

Low Maintenance Vegetable Gardening for a Bountiful Harvest

Low Maintenance Vegetable Gardening for a Bountiful Harvest 2

Increase your harvest without increasing the size of your garden or workload. All you need is a bit of intensive planting, along with some low maintenance techniques.
Invest some time upfront to prepare the garden soil. This will save you time throughout the growing season. Add several inches of organic matter and a slow release fertilizer into the top 8 to 12 inches of soil. The organic matter improves drainage in clay soils and increases moisture retention in sandy soils. The slow release fertilizer feeds the plants for several months, reducing the number of applications needed. You’ll have healthier plants that are better able to fend off pests and outcompete the weeds.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company 9

This time of year, Planter’s Seed and Spice Store in Kansas City’s River Market is a busy, exciting place, making even those with concrete thumbs itch to dig in the dirt. With more than 40,000 varieties of seeds and other gardening aparatus filling the old wooden shelves and creaky wood floor of the historic building, everyone who enters the doors wants to leave with something very special.
Geoff Myer, manager for more than 28 years, does his best to keep in stock just the right seeds for whatever his customers want, but he knows one thing for sure: No matter how many varieties of fruits and vegetables he carries from Baker Creek Seeds, an heirloom seed company in southern Missouri, someone will come in asking for something that he doesn’t stock.

Hunting The Magnificent Morels

Hunting The Magnificent Morels 3

Morels will soon be popping up, especially with a combination of wet ground mixed with sunshine. Hunting morel mushrooms is a tradition in the Midwest and across America. Every state has a version of this popular mushroom including Hawaii, so check on your state’s variety at your local Conservation agency.
Hunting morel mushrooms has been a lifetime experience for my brother and me. My first morel mushroom hunt happened May 7, 1953, 63 years ago with my mother. I was born the next day. She has never missed a mushroom season since. My brother and I go with her now. Mom does not handle creek banks or hills as easily these days at age 85, yet still manages to hunt through creek bottoms. Morel mushroom hunting is her only addiction.

Foolproof Gardening Tips from a Not-So-Pro

Foolproof Gardening Tips from a Not-So-Pro

I am a writer by trade. My forte is words but much of my job involves interviewing experts and learning all that I can about a subject. Sometimes that means increased mastery in a particular area. Sometimes it means better informed delusions of grandeur. As a gardening writer, I’ve had examples of both. So here are my tips and tricks that I’ve learned after years of interviewing, researching and writing about how to grow things successfully. I failed so you don’t have to.

Challenge Your Fashion Event for the YMCA

Challenge Your Fashion Event for the YMCA 9

This year’s Challenge Your Fashion event was a huge success. The fashion show and fundraiser featuring KC sports stars raised $213,000 for the YMCA’s Challenger Program for diversely abled athletes and the Fred and Shirley Prior Challenger Field.