KC Wolf: Faith, Family and Fur

What was supposed to be the most exciting pregame entrance ever for KC Wolf almost cost Dan Meers his life. On a wintry November afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium, he gazed out over the empty field as he prepared to practice the bungee jump and zip line stunt that would have the KC Chiefs crowd going crazy the next afternoon. As he launched himself from the lights 260 feet above the football field, the stunt went terribly wrong.

Missouri native Meers, who has been the KC Wolf mascot for more than 25 years, writes candidly about how his faith, his family and his friends got him through the recovery period from this horrific accident. His story will inspire you and encourage you to live each day so that it deserves an exclamation point at the end of it, rather than a period or, dare we say, a question mark.

Inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006, Meers travels throughout the United States and the world entertaining thousands of people both in and out of costume. He is in high demand as not only a mascot but also as a humorous and motivational speaker to audiences of all ages. His enthusiasm, optimism and love for life are contagious and come across on every page. He lives in Lee’s Summit with his wife, Cam, and their three children, Mycha, Aaron, and Mallory. You can find out more about Meers’ speaking engagements and book at Facebook.com/wolvescantfly