Parkville art studio offers personalized art classes 11

Aspiring artists get their hands dirty

Historic downtown Parkville has become known as a sort of art haven, with several art stores and galleries lining Main Street. For two years, Parkville Artisans’ Studio & Gallery has welcomed all ages to make and create to their heart’s content and has set themselves apart from other studios by their personalization of classes.

“The main difference between us and other studios is we offer classes on everything. We have customers call and say they saw something on Pinterest and we’ll do it for them. We have done classes on oil painting, pottery, barnwood signs, jewelry, stained glass, mosaic, wood carvings, anything but welding. We are also the only studio in the Northland with pottery wheels,” owner Tricia Szasz says.

Many “wine and painting” classes have popped up recently, and Parkville Artisans’ Studio offers Cabernet and Canvas classes that fall in that category. However, their classes are different from most.

“With our classes, every person picks their own painting.  I give each person the freedom to paint what you want, and to pick your colors too. It’s not step-by-step, but rather erasing the garbage you’ve been taught and teaching you how to paint. Everyone walks out with something they are proud of and that is unique and individual,” Szasz says.

For Szasz, she is not just teaching art, but teaching self-confidence and letting out the creative side.

“It’s more than teaching art; it’s teaching you to believe you can do it. To create something fabulous and feel confident about it. People walk out of here in awe that they did it and are proud. Every man, woman and child should be given a room filled with kindness and peace, where no limits reside, where art and expression live loud,” Szasz says.

In addition to classes and private lessons, they offer school field trips, are registered with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for earning badges, and offer free instruction on the pottery wheel for veterans suffering from PTSD. One of  Szasz’s favorite things is her art camps for kids.

“Kids haven’t been taught awful rules or been given the feeling like they can’t do it. They are open, honest, and truthful. They can create crazy things, totally lose themselves and have a ball. They can do whatever they want and it’s my absolute favorite,” Szasz says.

When deciding where to open her shop, it was a no-brainer for Szasz to pick Parkville. She’d been a member in the Northland Exposure Artists Gallery for ten years, and moving across the street was an easy decision.

“The people here are good, kind people.  Parkville is so supportive of the art community, and the people support each other. It’s close to home and that’s important to me,” Szasz says.

Parkville Artisans Studio and Gallery is located at 111 N. Main Street in downtown Parkville and is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. most days, with extended hours at night or by appointment. Visit for their calendar and information about classes.