Happy Spring, dear readers! March is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the calendar home of my birthday, the first day of spring and this year, Easter. There is much to celebrate and this month we get to do it with art!

I have always been an art lover whether that means painting, dance or performance. As a theater student in college, I poured my heart and soul into production after production, not knowing where it might lead but knowing that it was worth doing anyway. Artists are funny that way; they often see a light that others don’t. Perhaps that is why we revere them so.

In this issue, we meet several of those people. Vanessa Davis inspires with her endless energy and dedication to giving kids an outlet through the arts. Her after school program, Drama Kids International, teaches kids how to deal with emotions, use their body in a positive way and exercise their creativity and passion. As a working theater and film professional, she provides a great role model for her kids and other adults alike.

The Northland Symphony Orchestra is another great community organization. This symphony orchestra provides free, top quality concerts to the community. With a roster of professionals, enthusiasts and students, all volunteering their time, this is a passion project for all of them. Jim Murray creates programs that are accessible and enjoyable even to the novice of classical music. I’m excited to experience their March 5th concert.

These are just a few of the people in our community that are following their dreams and living an art-filled life. It’s easy for outsiders to think that all the art and culture lives in the urban core, but it’s simply not true. With towns like Parkville filling store fronts with art and antiques and schools across the Northland promoting arts programs, we have a growing and thriving arts scene right in our own backyard. We just need to take advantage of it!

I hope that you find something that inspires you this month, whether that’s a piece of art or just the art that happens before our eyes as spring awakens.

Happy Easter!