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The William Jewell College Board of Trustees has selected Elizabeth MacLeod Walls as the 15th president of the college. She will succeed David Sallee, who is retiring July 31 after serving William Jewell as president since 2000. Her appointment is effective July 1.
MacLeod Walls is in her fourth year as dean of University College at Nebraska Wesleyan University where she oversees graduate and adult education at four campuses. She previously served in administration at Bryan College of Health Sciences (Lincoln, Neb.) as director of institutional effectiveness, dean, interim president and president. Among other roles in her career, she has taught college literature courses, written numerous refereed articles, co-edited several books and consulted on accreditation, healthcare reform and continued education.

Catholic Charities Snow Ball

Catholic Charities Snow Ball 2

The 42nd annual event raised $2,154,000+ for Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas. Attended by more than 1,600 guests at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, the elegant black-tie gala supports programs and services which help the poor and most vulnerable.

Paint with Bold Strokes

Happy Spring, dear readers! March is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the calendar home of my birthday, the first day of spring and this year, Easter. There is much to celebrate and this month we get to do it with art!
I have always been an art lover whether that means painting, dance or performance. As a theater student in college, I poured my heart and soul into production after production, not knowing where it might lead but knowing that it was worth doing anyway. Artists are funny that way; they often see a light that others don’t. Perhaps that is why we revere them so.

Spring Tea and Treats

Spring Tea and Treats

March is often the time when people look forward to the coming of spring. However, in this part of the Midwest, winter can still pack a punch even in March. So for the little girls who are eager to get back in those colorful sundresses and play, what is the best solution? Have a tea party!

More than a Beach

More than a Beach 3

Maui. The second largest island in the Hawaiian chain draws up a variety of images. Sand and surf are definitely two of them. But art? While many may not realize it, the center of the island is full of artisans, creators and artists, all working and plying their wares in what the locals call Upcountry.
The island of Maui is a graveyard, really. The western half of the island consists of the bones of an extinct volcano that has eroded into picturesque peaks and valleys, including the ‘Īao Valley, famous for the ‘Īao Needle. The eastern half of the island is made up of the largest dormant volcano in the world, Haleakala Volcano. It is here, in the shadow of Haleakala that you will find the creators of Maui.

Drama Kids International Encourages Kids to Act Up

Drama Kids International Encourages Kids to Act Up

Vanessa Davis’s passion for drama is no act; it’s been a lifelong ambition. By the time she turned nine, Davis was already performing at Gladstone’s Theater in the Park. One year later, she competed in a contest to become the next Martha Gooch Spaghetti kid and won. It’s fair to say she owes much of her success in drama to spaghetti.
Part of the prize for winning the Martha Gooch contest was an opportunity to appear in a television commercial, as well as representation by a local talent agency. Davis quickly landed two notable clients: Wal-Mart and Good Guys, a chain of consumer electronics retail stores with 71 stores in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. This was only the beginning of her dream-come-true.

Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra 4

Maestro Jim Murray would like to invite you to 
the symphony.
Don’t worry; if it’s your first time, Murray has you covered.
“I always view concerts from the point of a view of a first-time concert-goer,” he says. “Inviting someone to participate means making sure they feel welcome. That’s why our program includes a guide to let everyone know how they can participate and what to expect.”

Ballet North Teaches More Than Classic Moves

Ballet North Teaches More Than Classic Moves 9

Approximately 150 Ballet North students, including 20 company dancers, will participate in the spring festival production of “Alice in Wonderland” on June 10-11, 2016, at the Liberty North Performing Arts Center. Led by Artistic Directors Matthew and Laura Reinschmidt, the staff have a few months remaining to guide and teach pupils and dancers in preparation for the annual event. This production of “Alice in Wonderland” features a blend of classical and modern ballet with selected classical symphonic music from various composers. The performance will include the complete demi-ballet “Les Sylphides” and excerpts from the full-length ballet “Carmen.”

The First Gig

There comes a time in each young person’s life when the ‘real world’ looms large on the horizon. As a young theater and film student, you can imagine the terror that that might invoke. But when I was a young, bright-eyed, bushy tailed intern at a video production company in my senior year of college, I thought that I had been given my big break.
As an intern at a video production company, you get a lot of coffee, haul a lot of sand bags and let the gaffers boss you around. You try to be indispensible, but quite frankly you’re not. Not until the head of the company turns to you one day and says, “Rachel, you’re an actress, right? I think we have a role for you!”



“I found myself hanging over 200 feet above the football field, shaking uncontrollably in excruciating pain. As I struggled to breathe, it was obvious something had gone horribly wrong. I looked down at the tarp covering the field and noticed a trail of blood stretching from the sideline all the way to the midfield . . . I truly believe God intervened and miraculously saved me.”
What was supposed to be the most exciting pregame entrance ever for KC Wolf almost cost Dan Meers his life. On a wintry November afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium, he gazed out over the empty field as he prepared to practice the bungee jump and zip line stunt that would have the KC Chiefs crowd going crazy the next afternoon. As he launched himself from the lights 260 feet above the football field, the stunt went terribly wrong.

Parkville art studio offers personalized art classes

Parkville art studio offers personalized art classes 11

Historic downtown Parkville has become known as a sort of art haven, with several art stores and galleries lining Main Street. For two years, Parkville Artisans’ Studio & Gallery has welcomed all ages to make and create to their heart’s content and has set themselves apart from other studios by their personalization of classes.
“The main difference between us and other studios is we offer classes on everything. We have customers call and say they saw something on Pinterest and we’ll do it for them. We have done classes on oil painting, pottery, barnwood signs, jewelry, stained glass, mosaic, wood carvings, anything but welding. We are also the only studio in the Northland with pottery wheels,” owner Tricia Szasz says.

Meet Rich Bowman

Meet Rich Bowman 1

Rich Bowman sees the sky differently than you do. Or maybe that’s incorrect–he may see the sky in the same way but he’s able to recreate it brilliantly with palette knives and paint. This Northland based but nationally known artist has deep roots in Kansas City and plenty of sky for inspiration. We took a peek into his life.
Northland Lifestyle: What brought you to the Northland?

VFW Honors Patriotic Children with Over $2,000 in Scholarships

VFW Honors Patriotic Children with Over $2,000 in Scholarships 8

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 7356 and Auxiliary held their annual Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen Banquet January 16th. Eight children received scholarships totaling over $2000. Contact the Post at 816.746.8010 for information.