Northland Kitchen Is Designed To Be Seen, Not Hidden 5

Heart of the Home Gets Trendier

For Broker/Agent Candi Sweeney, nothing’s more satisfying than matching a client with the perfect home. More often than not, that match hinges on the suitability of a single room—the kitchen.

Sweeney, a member of the Reece Nichols Wolfe-Sweeney team, which is the #1 resale team north of the river, says, “The kitchen really is the most important room in the home.  A kitchen can make or break a sale; it’s that simple.”

“The kitchen has evolved,” Sweeney explains. “It’s no longer just the place we prepare food or eat with our families.  It’s become an office, a gathering place, a homework station, a center of entertainment and an extension of our personalities. It’s definitely a room to be showcased instead of hidden. The kitchen is now more entwined with our lives than ever.”

While Sweeney’s primary expertise is in real estate sales, her background in fashion keeps her following trends and contributes to her overall strong sense of design.

“In 2016, gray is the new white,” Sweeney says, pointing to an article that appeared in her in-box earlier that morning. “New shades in sinks, appliances and countertops are popping up.  Wide-open spaces to accommodate more people, and premium views are also more commonplace. Kitchens are definitely to be seen and not hidden.”

One house currently listed by Wolfe-Sweeney that immediately came to mind while discussing new trends in kitchens was that of Russ and Pam Redburn at 6541 Ridge Road in The National. The Redburns spent more than two years remodeling their home, doing a complete tear out and redesign of the main kitchen, as well as adding a butler’s pantry. Pam, a former interior designer who self-admittedly has always been a bit ahead of her time, had ideas for transforming the eating area to make it everything she wanted it to be.

“When we began remodeling our home, we truly believed we’d be here forever, so we spared no expense during the two-year process.  Since Russ and I share similar tastes in design and styling, I can truly say the result of this decorative journey is highly reflective of our personalities.

“First and foremost in considering the overall design of the kitchen space was an infusion of color,” muses Pam. “Color is energizing and has the ability to make everyone in its midst feel good, no matter what’s going on. For Russ and me, that’s what home is all about—having a place to gather our gather our family and friends, to enjoy life, and share our love.

“I found the open floor plan in the existing kitchen area appealing, I just wanted things arranged differently. I wanted to take full advantage of the kitchen so it could be used for entertaining and family gatherings, as well as more intimate dinners. Having an open design allows me to be in the 
kitchen cooking and have others nearby without having them crowded around me. This fits my cooking style perfectly!  I’m confident the next homeowners will equally enjoy the flow of this space.

“We transformed the laundry room, which was behind the main kitchen into a butler’s pantry or second kitchen. We fully equipped both cooking spaces with top-of-the-line appliances.  The dining room is situated in a way that it’s only a few steps away from either kitchen, which is perfect for seating.  Whoever lives in this home will enjoy the flow of this space.  It’s conducive to bringing people together and a beautiful place for celebrations. No matter who lives in this home, they’ll have lots of space for cooking and entertaining. The ambiance can be casual or upscale or somewhere in between.

“This is truly a family-friendly home,” observes Pam. “The kitchen provides an excellent setting for family events, no matter the size. That was our goal. Russ and I wanted the area to feel comfortable, whether it was just the two of us, or the entire family with all the grandchildren. Our desire was to create a central space where we could all be together.”

During the extensive remodel, Pam also decided to add a much needed and desired outdoor grill, bar, and kitchen that featured just about everything the indoor kitchen had to offer.  Equally important, whether entertaining inside or out, the Redburns and their guests could enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and golf course.

“When redoing the outside, we wanted the flow of the outdoor kitchen to go along with the flow of the stone wall and the open patio,” Pam explains. “I wanted to showcase the bar by adding vibrant color. During the summer, my choice of flowers complements the kitchen making guests feel as if they’re at a tropical resort.  We can enjoy the sunset, while serving a wonderful outdoor meal without ever leaving the Midwest. It just doesn’t get much better than that.”

“The Redburn’s home on Ridge Road is only one of many homes we have listed in the Northland that features spectacular kitchens,” adds Sweeney while clicking through image after image of homes the Wolfe-Sweeney team has for sale. “Each of these homes offers its own unique space or the potential to become the exact space you’ve always wanted.  Dreams really do become reality.  The Redburn’s home is a perfect example of that vision.”