Food lovers unite!

Food. It’s a subject that I rarely get tired of talking about. Even in February, when I should be eyeball deep in a very healthy diet, my obsession is finding the most enjoyment from each bite. Luckily, I like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafood and finding recipes to combine all of them.

This issue is really devoted to what brings us together. As Candi Sweeney says in our feature on kitchen trends, the kitchen truly is the heart and soul of the home. After watching hours of House Hunters, I’ve learned that if there’s one thing that people won’t skimp on, it’s the kitchen. Knowing that they can entertain and really, live, in this one room is of the utmost importance to modern home buyers.

Although we are landlocked in the midwest, the Seattle Fish Company International is making sure that we don’t have to feel that way at dinner time. With their new program that utilizes bycatch, or all the fish that also get caught when fisherman are netting for the more popular catches like tuna, home cooks can try some new kinds of fish and possibly make fishing more sustainable. Read all about it in Pete Dulin’s feature.

Bringing the family together for dinner is important. In our busy lives, dinnertime is sometimes the only time that we really get to slow down and connect, checking in with each other. Whether we do that in one of our fantastic restaurants (check out Luigi’s!) or at the family dinner table, it’s important to slow down and enjoy each other as well as our food. Bon Appetit!