Around Town

Around Town 4

Kansas City will welcome a new professional basketball team to the area in 2016. The Kansas City Majestics, Lady Eagles will be making their debut this coming summer.
The Kansas City Majestics will be the first women’s professional basketball team since the Kansas City Mustangs (1992-1996). Keeping the tradition alive of great basketball is a passion of the head coach and co-owner of the Kansas City Majestics, Sarah Campbell. Coach Campbell was a standout basketball player for the Kansas City Mustangs as well Mizzou.

Take A Bite out of Stigma

Take A Bite out of Stigma 8

More than 400 guests sipped and savored bites from Kansas City’s finest restaurants and beverage vendors at 
Take a Bite Out of Stigma: A Culinary Experience. The fundraiser benefited ReDiscover’s programs and services and also raised awareness about behavioral health needs.

Food lovers unite!

Food lovers unite!

Food. It’s a subject that I rarely get tired of talking about. Even in February, when I should be eyeball deep in a very healthy diet, my obsession is finding the most enjoyment from each bite. Luckily, I like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafood and finding recipes to combine all of them.

My name is Rachel and I have Advanced Dinner Party Delusion Syndrome

My name is Rachel and I have Advanced Dinner Party Delusion Syndrome

I have a confession–I have advanced dinner party delusion syndrome. ADPDS affects many in my age group, especially those that have cable and have watched anything on the Cooking Channel. ADPDS is when you have unrealistic expectations for what your home kitchen can accommodate and how many people are truly comfortable in your house.
I have always loved entertaining. I have a standing watch party for the Oscars every year. I love hosting cocktail parties, which quickly become wine parties because we are all too lazy to mix anything. I love the minutiae, the planning, the searching for the perfect recipe that will wow my guests.

Vino Pair: Finding the Perfect Pairings

Vino Pair: Finding the Perfect Pairings 6

Lasting impressions are created through taste buds. Entertaining friends, a new client or anyone worthy of being impressed by the best food or drink creates a challenge to serve unique and memorable cuisine experiences. Chefs worldwide make a living off people’s taste buds. Sadly, most of us are not chefs.
Vino Pair, in Parkville, Mo. has created a business to address this problem. Owners Michael and Mindy Kearns have created packages of wine, fine cheese, fruit, gourmet crackers and other items to provide the finest hors d’oeuvres created by chefs. The package may include thyme or the desired spice for this finished product. Pairing the right ingredients is the key to Vino Pair’s success.

Northland Kitchen Is Designed To Be Seen, Not Hidden

Northland Kitchen Is Designed To Be Seen, Not Hidden 5

For Broker/Agent Candi Sweeney, nothing’s more satisfying than matching a client with the perfect home. More often than not, that match hinges on the suitability of a single room—the kitchen.
Sweeney, a member of the Reece Nichols Wolfe-Sweeney team, which is the #1 resale team north of the river, says, “The kitchen really is the most important room in the home. A kitchen can make or break a sale; it’s that simple.”

Pour On The Health

Pour On The Health 4

The Andersons also offered to sort out a few myths and facts about olive oil:
“Light” Extra Virgin Olive Oil – There is no such thing as a light version. You can’t take the calories out of olive oil. This label is a marketing/selling point.
“The Greener The Better” – Color has nothing to do with the quality of olive oil. The only indication a greener color may give is a slightly more “grassy” flavor.

Food from the Pacific Rim

Food from the Pacific Rim 6

Owning three businesses while juggling three small kids is no easy feat, but Angel Wong and her husband Jeremy Teong make it look easy. In addition to Angel’s Nails on North Oak, Wong and Teong also own Lemon Tree frozen yogurt in Liberty. Now their newest business is right across the street: The Rim, an Asian fusion restaurant that focuses on quality and good food. While The Rim has been open since November of 2014, they recently bought out the other owners to improve the management and to change the restaurant style.

Seattle Fish Company International Lands in Riverside

Seattle Fish Company International Lands in Riverside 5

Seattle Fish Company International brings the bounty of the world’s oceans to Kansas City. The company recently moved its wholesale seafood operation in November from the East Bottoms to a new 29,300-square-foot facility in Riverside.
The Kansas City facility is modeled after its Denver-based sister company, Seattle Fish Company. Founded in 2004, the Kansas City operation has introduced an innovative program that offers weekly seafood specials and locally-raised fish as an alternative to sea-based sources.

Linden Baptist Church’s Reindeer Games

Linden Baptist Church's Reindeer Games 11

Linden Baptist Church welcomed parents and children in the Northland area on December 12. The day included lunch, games, and a free shopping area for kids as well as photos with Santa Claus himself!

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar

Luigi's Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar 11

If you haven’t noticed, the quaint downtown areas of the heart of America have been struggling lately. Big box stores, chain restaurants and suburbs have been the death knell for Main Street USA. Luckily, downtown Liberty seems to be escaping that fate and, after a bit of turnover, has a great lineup of boutiques and restaurants to choose from.
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of them. The restaurant, serving classic Italian fare, opened in one half of what used to be Cork and Brew, with the other half occupied by Morning Day Cafe. The space, which felt cavernous when it was a single establishment, feels like the perfect cozy size on either side of the wall now that it has been divided.