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Running, Writing and Relaxation

Rachel Steffen is a woman on the run.

Whether she’s running for fitness, for fun with her three sons, or taking someone to soccer practice, she’s always running somewhere.

Running has been a part of Steffen’s life since grade school, long before she had children, before she married her college sweetheart, before she became known for her popular blog

Blogging about running has been a part of Steffen’s life since 2005.  After moving to California from the Midwest, away from family and friends, and pregnant with her first child, she began blogging as a way to stay connected to those back home and as an outlet for her words each day.

Later, as the mother of three feisty toddlers, Steffen shared tales of fitting in fitness, especially running, as a part of her daily routine, along with family, faith and of course, fun!

“Training or exercise is usually the first thing to go when we get busy,” explains Steffen. “What it comes down to is a matter of making time for fitness. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that it’s easy. It’s not. There’s always something vying for your time and attention.

For me, making time for fitness is as simple as scheduling it before hand, like a doctors appointment. If I know I’m going to wake up at 5 a.m. to do a 30-minute DVD or run on the treadmill (that I don’t own), then I’m more apt to be successful in making that happen. Making a plan and sticking to it is what works for me.”

Though Steffen researches and writes about all aspects of running on her blog, she insists she’s not an expert.

“I’m just an over worked, over tired mom trying to make a positive impact in the lives of those I meet” she says. “Running is my happy place. It’s what I do when I need to unwind and de-stress or find calm. Running is my exercise soul mate.”

Steffen, who ran in the Boston Marathon last year as well as many half-marathons and races along the way, looks to her family and friends for her inspiration.  As for secrets about how she pulls it all together, she admits it helps greatly that her husband and children are huge outdoor fans.

And, while she insists she wears no magic cape, Steffen does admit to having her favorite brands of gear for training and competition.

“I prefer Polar (for heart rate training and GPS technology based needs), ASICS (favorite running shoe and brand), Pro Compression (compression tights and socks for those long runs and recovery times),” she pauses, “and Nuun Hydration, (delicious sugar free electrolyte tabs), to help me stay hydrated while on the run or on the go with my boys.”

As for favorite places?

“Anywhere,” says Steffen. “As long as I’m running, I’m happy.”

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