Family Owned, Results Driven 8

Meet the Father-Daughter Team Behind Thyme Capsule Nutrition

If you’ve not yet shopped at Thyme Capsule Nutrition, you’re in for a surprise.

The specialty store stocked with quality supplements, vitamins, natural aromatherapy essential oils, herbs and more is in a nondescript building—between a Quik Trip and a Sav-A-Lot—and seems, from the outside, small and just a bit ordinary.

But inside is a different story.

“People are surprised when they come in for the first time,” says co-owner Bill Salyer. “They say the store is larger than they thought it would be and that it’s warm, pleasant and welcoming. That’s important to us; we don’t hover, but we’re always within earshot to answer questions or to chat.”

Salyer bought the store in 2001. His daughter Evie worked at the store part-time in the beginning and now co-owns the store with her father.

“She had little ones at home then,” he says. “Now that her kids are teenagers, she has more time to devote to the store.”

The father and daughter team focuses on service and simplicity; integral to good service, he says, is a clear understanding of which products work and which are only marketed well. Simplicity hinges on staying specialized and focusing on each client, not the sale.

“We don’t believe our own press,” he says. “A celebrity endorsement of a product doesn’t mean it works. We carry things that we know work and that have an established track record.”

Still, some categories are more popular than others.

“We see a lot of folks with gut issues, inflammation, cholesterol and joint problems. Some people come in because family and friends suggest trying natural remedies instead of conventional medicine, but some people come in because their doctors have sent them. There’s so much research now about natural options that don’t carry the same side effects of prescription medicine. Probiotics and anti-inflammatory products are consistent needs because when our guts are out of balance, we’re not healthy,” he says.

Salyer is quick to point out that they’re not doctors; still, they keep up with the latest research and, perhaps more importantly, actually listen when someone talks.

“We never try to play doctor,” he says. “We’ll listen and suggest they get checked out first, then give supplements a try. What most people don’t realize is that some things don’t change and many of our modern diseases are a result of gut bacteria and our diets. That’s why so many people look for probiotics and anti-inflammatory options.”

Part of what makes this store different than box stores—other than health food store quality brands—is its ongoing commitment to always keep things fresh. The store regularly offers new services and products.

“We stock the only true locally-sourced honey product,” he says. “It’s fresh honey from a little family operation in Easton, Kansas. Customers love it because it’s a genuine single source honey, not a blend that you likely see from other places.”

He added pure, natural, essential oils when customers asked. And there are five massage therapists that operate on location.

“There are some common misconceptions about mom and pop specialty stores,” says Salyer. “One is about price—that we’re more expensive than other places. That’s not true; we don’t aim to be the cheapest, but we operate on a smaller margin than bigger stores because we’re committed to bringing the best quality products to our customers.

We also make sure we know what we’re talking about by keeping up with the latest research, and we offer a true guarantee. You can bring anything back, for any reason. We call it ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ or ‘guaranteed to work.’”

Salyer is excited to add a new line of products to the store in January. Nature’s Purist offers specialty formulas that come in glass, not plastic. The prices are good, he says, and the quality is exceptional. The formulas will join the other products customers have come to love and know they can’t find anywhere else in the KC area, like those made by Nature’s Sunshine.

“You know, I’ve probably lost a few sales because I’m a little too logical, too low-key,” Salyer says. “But I can promise one thing: when you come in, you don’t have to go looking for us, and you don’t have to worry about a sales pitch. We’re here because we want to be here, and we love to chat.”

For more information visit or call 816.472.7035.