The Laughing Place Bakery

The Laughing Place Bakery 8

This is a story about a dream. A dream of a place where families gather. A dream of a third child. A dream of a place where the knowledge that has been forgotten can be gained again. It’s also a story about a bakery. But I digress.
Alicia Hammon occasionally tears up when she tells her story. We are meeting to discuss her new bakery, The Laughing Place Bakery, close to Linden Square in Gladstone. But the story she tells me is much more than just about flour, water, yeast and salt. It’s about health, listening to God’s calling and trusting Him.

Around Town

Around Town 1

William Jewell College has been named an Apple Distinguished School for 2015-2017, recognizing Jewell for its access to integrated technology and engaged learning.
The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership and educational excellence and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.
“We are excited to provide students a technologically sophisticated learning community that supports the academically challenging atmosphere William Jewell is known for,” says David Sallee, William Jewell College president. “The Pryor Learning Commons, opened in 2013, was designed to provide access to all the tools needed by today’s learners in an atmosphere that supports creativity and collaboration. The Jewellverse initiative expanded those principles and practices to include every student in a fully integrated living and learning experience.”

New Year, Fresh Start

Oh, January. By the end of December’s daze of parties and excess, it seems like almost a relief to turn our minds to the task of undoing all the festive damage of the holiday season. This month’s focus on health and fitness gives me a chance to clear my head, strap on the workout gear and remind myself to get moving!

The Whole Person’s 5th Annual Celebration Awards Luncheon

The Whole Person's 5th Annual Celebration Awards Luncheon 8

The Whole Person (TWP) held its 5th Annual Celebration Awards Luncheon on November 6 at the Grand Street Café, honoring individuals and organizations that are working to further TWP’s mission to assist people with disabilities to live independently.

Family Owned, Results Driven

Family Owned, Results Driven 8

If you’ve not yet shopped at Thyme Capsule Nutrition, you’re in for a surprise.
The specialty store stocked with quality supplements, vitamins, natural aromatherapy essential oils, herbs and more is in a nondescript building—between a Quik Trip and a Sav-A-Lot—and seems, from the outside, small and just a bit ordinary.
But inside is a different story.

Gladstone Masters Swim for Fitness

Gladstone Masters Swim for Fitness

Light shimmers off the water in the indoor pools at the Gladstone Community Center. The scent of bleach in the warm air is unmistakeable. A group of swimmers gather at one end of the pool, adjust goggles and suits, jump in the water and begin warm-up laps. Masters swim coach Doug Hayden observes as the Gladstone Masters Swimmers ease into their routine. Hayden started this masters swim program seven years ago.

Treating The Whole Person, One Individual at a Time

Treating The Whole Person, One Individual at a Time 7

For Jim Leach, it was a battle with bipolar disease. For Aaron Price, it was a devastating car crash that led to being paralyzed. Each man had a very different challenge that lay before him, but each was able to turn to the same place for help: The Whole Person. This incredible local nonprofit aids people with disabilities so they can live independently—all while trying to impart change within the community to expand opportunities for such independent living.

Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror

2016. If this year really was a baby wearing a top hat and sash, it should probably also have a comic conversation bubble that reads, ‘Hold on to your butts!” In an election year and in the wake of some pretty tumultuous world events, my resolutions are of a less aerobic nature this year. Of course, I will always use January 1st to kick-start an exercise routine but in my eyes, there are a lot more important things to focus on than my jeans size right now. So here they are, so that I can’t take them back.

Jeff Ehlrich: Park University’s Best

Jeff Ehlrich: Park University's Best 7

Imagine taking control of a 140-year-old renowned college shortly after heart surgery. A heart issue flared up just weeks before Dr. Jeff Ehrlich was appointed interim president by Park University’s Board of Trustees. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.
Ehrlich served on the faculty as Faculty Senate president and associate dean of Park University, located in Parkville. His qualifications to serve as interim president of this historic college were second to none, except for an unknown health issue. The professor was shocked when a checkup discovered his condition after living a life of healthy diets and strenuous exercise. A serious hereditary heart issue caught up with Ehrlich at this important time of his life.

Morning Day Cafe Art Jam

Morning Day Cafe Art Jam 5

Shawn Stewart entertained crowds as audience members bid on art pieces by Farmers’ Hands Photography at the monthly Art Jam held November 28. A silent auction, expanded cocktail list and new dinner items drew crowds for the event.

Fitness Lifestyle Keeps Stay At Home Mom On The Go

Fitness Lifestyle Keeps Stay At Home Mom On The Go 5

Whether she’s running for fitness, for fun with her three sons, or taking someone to soccer practice, she’s always running somewhere.
Running has been a part of Steffen’s life since grade school, long before she had children, before she married her college sweetheart, before she became known for her popular blog
Blogging about running has been a part of Steffen’s life since 2005. After moving to California from the Midwest, away from family and friends, and pregnant with her first child, she began blogging as a way to stay connected to those back home and as an outlet for her words each day.