Dear friends, 

It is truly the merriest time of the year and I can't wait to celebrate. My sister is visiting for a month with her daughters and my mind is reeling from all the possibilities of celebration with my four-year old niece, Scarlett. The holidays are magical for many reasons but it's always more fun when you can experience them with the exuberance of a child and she has exuberance in spades. 

This issue is about celebration: of not just the holidays, but of life. Our feature story on Landers' Visions is the perfect example. Collins Landers has made his profession realizing clients wildest fantasies when it comes to events. Not only does he perfect the lights, sound and set, he does it with a humble heart and a smile. His penchant for donating his time and talents to charities demonstrates his dedication to service and everyone who attends his events can feel it, even if they don't know the name behind the magic. 

Joel Schneider, a frequent contributor to Northland Lifestyle, celebrates the beauty of nature with each photograph he takes. He's devoted to capturing moments, sometimes during a wedding, sometimes during a lonely night time shoot under a blood moon. His work speaks to the inherent beauty that surrounds us. 

In The Seasonal Jewish Cookbook, Amelia Saltsman gives us a peek into the celebratory table. Her recipes communicate her history and the rich texture that cuisine can provide for a holiday. 

I hope that you celebrate the season in whatever way you can this year, dear readers. There is much to be grateful for and many ways to say it. I'll say it in the way that I know: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 



Correction: In the article on Urban North in our November issue, we mistakenly stated that 17 of 24 plots were spoken for. In fact, there are 17 plots available. We deeply regret the error.