Main Street Goods and Goodies Offers Found Treasures 4

Make Your Living Space a Place You Want to Be

For owner Gail Dugdale, the best part about making a sale at Main Street Goods and Goodies is not the sale at all. It’s meeting people and seeing the expression on their faces when they find that special thing that makes them happy.

Dugdale opened her antique and gift shop on Main Street in Liberty five years ago, but she’s been in the antique business much longer. She purchased her first antique when she was a teenager; that began a lifelong appreciation for the craftsmanship in items that were created when things were built to last.

“It’s an interesting time for people to be decorating their homes,” observes Dugdale.  “In addition to the traditional styles of antique furniture, there are the clean lines of Mid-Century, the strong presence of Industrial, the charm of Cottage, and the list goes on. People can create the type of space that best suits their needs and personalities. From fine antiques to up-cycled and repurposed, if it creates a space that makes them happy, then it works.”

“I guess my favorite style of decorating would be considered eclectic. 
For example, Farmhouse easily blends with Shaker, and Cottage Style with French. I think the look of the individual piece is more important than sticking with one particular style.”

Dugdale advises there are many great ways to add interest and color to a room. Antiques and vintage items such as an original watercolor, a beautiful old mirror, the perfect piece of pottery, or a stunning piece of glassware offer a vast array of ways to accessorize a space

“I think one of the things to remember when decorating is to not overdo it.  If you’re not careful, a crowded space can end up feeling like a flea market.

There are so many choices regarding color, from Shabby Chic that is usually very monochromatic, to Boho Chic (Bohemian) that’s really busy with lots of vivid colors and patterns,” she says. “People just need to decide what they want the overall feel of their space to be.”

“At the end of the day, when we walk into our home, we want it to welcome and comfort us, energize us, and be that space we are happy to share with our family and friends. Decorating with vintage and antique items can help achieve that. It blends the past with the present and just by its many choices can create a ‘now’ that is totally unique and equally special.”

In Dugdale’s store, there is just a little bit of everything. From large antique furniture pieces, vintage chandeliers, old books and picture frames to antique glassware and pottery. Racks of unique, vintage buttons hang nearby an array of vintage jewelry. In one corner, there’s a large selection of vintage tablecloths, dresser scarves, and doilies. In yet another corner of the store sits an assortment of Industrial Chic pieces. Right now, it seems anything with cubbies or drawers, with aged or utilitarian design, anything that used to be in a factory or office, is premium.  Yes, it’s true. What’s old is truly new again.

An antique cabinet showcases letterpress art prints and bookmarks by Tag Team Tompkins (created by Dugdale’s sister and niece) whose artwork celebrates words of wit and wisdom from the past. You can find hand sewn doily pillows made by her sister-in-law, and Pickwick & Co. Candles (a locally made candle line).  And, not to leave out the beach lovers, “I put together Little bags of Beach Therapy, a small bag of shells that can add a tropical touch to your home or take you to the Caribbean when you’re stuck in the Midwest.”

One of the most unique features of the shop is the “and goodies” part. There is a Victorian candy counter filled with candies that take customers on a trip down memory lane. It’s a great place to pick up some Chick-O-Sticks or root beer barrels or any of the 30 different flavors of old fashioned stick candy.  If you’re thirsty, you can choose from 25 unique flavors of ice -cold soda pop in glass bottles from the 1920’s cooler. Creamy root beers and cream sodas are always on hand; there’s even a line called Totally Gross Sodas that’s a big hit with kids.

“It’s fun to hear shoppers reminisce while walking around and relating found pieces to past experiences,” Dugdale says with a smile. “It’s just one of the many rewards of owning this place.”
You can visit Main Street Goods and Goodies at 16 N. Main St. in Liberty, MO 64068 or find them online on Facebook.