In the Kitchen 
with Kellie 1

Cabinet refacing is a simple way to update your kitchen without an expensive price tag

A kitchen remodel is on many people’s wish list, but sometimes replacing the whole kitchen isn’t needed or in the budget. Kellie Kemple of the Coves North neighborhood in Kansas City North was tired of her old cabinets, and wanted an different look.

“Our kitchen cabinets had gotten scratched and worn, especially around the sink area. They were an oak medium tone and were in need of attention. I thought about painting them, but my hubby didn’t like that idea. I thought of having them restained but really could not find anyone to do that. I then looked into refacing them, which means all new doors and drawers with the existing layout and that was the perfect solution for us. I’d never heard of cabinet refacing before, but it was just replacing the front of the cabinets in the same location,” Kemple says.

Once Kemple set her mind on refacing, she had to find a company to do it, which required getting bids and information from different companies. She looked online and found KC Wood out of Edwardsville, Kansas. After looking at bids, she really liked them and decided to use them to reface her cabinets.

“We had already put all new appliances and backsplash, and granite countertops several years prior,” explains Kemple. “I then set out to find a company that did refacing. I got three different bids. KC Wood wasn’t the lowest, nor the highest, but they were very informative and I spoke to Allison initially and we hit it off.”

After she decided to go with KC Wood, she went to their showroom in Edwardsville, where they make everything, to pick out the wood. Kemple replaced the oak cabinets with a knotty alder wood in a dark stain, with a little bit of texture. Her goal was to make her kitchen more user-friendly while improving the appearance.

“One of the main reasons for the update was to get roller drawers in the pantry and in my lower cabinet,” she says. “I love my new pull-out drawers. They are more convenient than the ones I had before. Now I can pull the drawer out and see where everything is, instead of getting on my hands and knees to see something in the corner. I got all new doors, new hinges, new drawers and new hardware. The new drawers are soft-close drawers, so they don’t slam shut. They also changed out the crown molding with new.”

Kemple says she prefers a more traditional look, and looked through Pinterest and Houzz before she went out to the showroom.

“I had a photo of a glass front cabinet from Pinterest that I loved, and they mimicked it beautifully. I had no glass fronts in our original cabinets and truly love the look,” she says.

Last year Kemple replaced her hard wood floors, and says it was terribly inconvenient. Since everything had been created at the showroom, it just had to be brought to the house to be assembled. She was pleased that this was much easier.

“I had to put my things in tubs; I didn’t have to do everything, but I did anyway. It forced me to clean, so that was okay,” Kemple shares. “They came in before and measured everything; you can’t believe how much time they took to measure. The process was a week long undertaking. I have been through remodeling before and really this was very smooth. The workers cleaned and protected everything in the kitchen surrounding the area. They used the garage for cutting and I was very pleased with the men and their abilities as carpenters. Two nice guys were here for the week, but I just went about my business.”

Now Kemple can enjoy the look and feel of her new kitchen while still enjoying life without the full remodeling headache. After all, what’s more fun, redoing a kitchen or cooking and eating in it? For Kemple, it’s time to get back down to the business of enjoying her space.