November 2015 Around Town

November 2015 Around Town 1

Meritas Health, a subsidiary of North Kansas City Hospital, is announcing it will open five express care clinics in the Northland over the next two years. The first Meritas Health Express walk-in clinic will open in the Liberty Hy-Vee, located at 109 N. Blue Jay Drive, in late November.

Easter Seals Midwest Walk With Me Kansas City

Easter Seals Midwest Walk With Me Kansas City 6

This first annual event, hosted at Macken Park on September 12, raised more than $11,000 to support programs and build awareness for people with developmental disabilities in the Kansas City, Missouri, region.

Welcome home!

What better month to feature the Home? November marks the beginning of the most festive time of year–full of family gatherings, holidays and lots of excuses to spruce up the old homestead.

Guns and Hoses

Guns and Hoses 5

Boxing is like a violent chess match; counter every move your opponent makes. Add that nervous feeling that comes when the overhead ring lights become bright enough for a surgeon to operate. The bell rings and the fight starts as your opponent approaches with a plan to throw punches at you. Failure to block out incoming punches can be painful, especially when you wake up. Yet you have a plan too, and your punches will soon be thrown and hopefully some will connect.

The Forgotten 

The Forgotten 

Christmas creep. That’s what retailers call the race to take down Halloween decorations and put up Christmas displays. And I, for one, do not like it.
This is more than just my natural inclination toward fist shaking and muttering the holiday equivalent of ‘Get off my lawn’ at overly eager merchandisers. Someone has to stand up for Thanksgiving and I guess that someone is me. It’s one of my favorite holidays (oh, who am I kidding–I love any excuse to eat, so the one closest to me is generally my favorite) if for the simplicity of its purpose–to give thanks and reflect on all that you have, no matter how meager it is.

In the Kitchen 
with Kellie

In the Kitchen 
with Kellie 1

A kitchen remodel is on many people’s wish list, but sometimes replacing the whole kitchen isn’t needed or in the budget. Kellie Kemple of the Coves North neighborhood in Kansas City North was tired of her old cabinets, and wanted an different look.

Urban North: Extending the City

Urban North: Extending the City

It’s hard not to notice the Urban North subdivision. With its decisive angles jutting into the sky at the 100 block of North Oak Trafficway, the model is certainly nothing like anything of the traditional homes on the blocks surrounding it. It is a distinctly modern design, and that’s exactly what developer and builder Luke Owen was going for.

Finding the Soul of St. Louis

Finding the Soul of St. Louis 12

The Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Garden and St. Louis Science Center are like fancy china dinnerware placed on the table when company comes over. They’re impressive tourist attractions, but they are not the everyday heart and soul of St. Louis. Eating and drinking at local restaurants, shops, breweries and bistros is a surer way to get to know the city’s character.

Main Street Goods and Goodies Offers Found Treasures

Main Street Goods and Goodies Offers Found Treasures 4

For owner Gail Dugdale, the best part about making a sale at Main Street Goods and Goodies is not the sale at all. It’s meeting people and seeing the expression on their faces when they find that special thing that makes them happy.

Burlington Mattress: 
Giving a bed to those in need

Burlington Mattress: 
Giving a bed to those in need 5

Let me rephrase that: if you’re in the market for a new mattress, he wants to talk to you about his selection of high-end options at warehouse prices. After only five years in business, the company Collins started with his wife and daughter in the garage of their home has grown to seven retail locations in the Kansas City metro as well as locations in Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Burlington Mattress became the number one volume dealer in the country its first year in business and was able to boast complete—as in 100 percent–customer satisfaction.

14th Annual Treads and Threads

14th Annual Treads and Threads 13

Kansas City’s best and brightest gathered to raised funds for the University of Kansas Cancer Center. This year’s funds benefited the 92-bed Cambridge North Tower.