It’s here–our semiannual beer and wine issue! This issue has been particularly exciting for me for the past few years as the Northland has exploded as a place known for good people making good products. This issue is no exception.

Terra Vox Vineyards is new to the area and is trying for a different look, feel and taste than what many would consider a ‘Missouri’ wine. They are exploring history through viticulture and discovering some interesting and award-winning flavors by doing so. As their portfolio expands, I’m excited to see what they discover.

Jennifer Helber is proving that beer is not just a man’s game. This trendsetter has worked with beer for many years now, from the yeast to the ‘active culture’ of home brewing, both in and out of the petri dish.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce our Readers’ Choice awards. It’s time for the Northland to tell the Northland who is doing it right! Visit our website, to nominate your favorite businesses or vote for the ones that make your life easier and more fulfilled. We want to hear from you! Voting will close November 30.

And as always, let’s lift a glass to the coming of fall. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Kansas City and I hope that we all have a chance to stop and enjoy it. Find a corn maze, carve a pumpkin or sip some cider around the bonfire. The end of the year is coming!

Happy drinking!