Savor the summer, my friends, for it is rapidly drawing to a close. Although September may still scorch, any school kid will tell you that August is the end of the line for summer fun these days. It’s time to think about starting things and the Home Grown issue is the perfect way to start thinking about that.

This issue is tough for me because really, every issue of Northland Lifestyle is about the people that are moving and shaking in their own communities. This month we meet the ladies of Hang Ups in KC, making beautiful new pieces of jewelry out the remnants of other things. The idea that a typewriter can have new life as a necklace or bracelet is comforting to a writer like me.

Linda Hezel is as home grown as it gets. This nurse turned farmer is literally starting from the ground up and is even trying to restore her 15 acres to a state much closer to what it originally was: prairie. As she focuses on nourishing, nutrient-dense food, local chefs are focusing on flavor. Luckily for us, those two things coincide in Hezel’s crops and plates are becoming tastier and more beautiful with each season.

I admire the spirit of those that strike out on their own. They embody the ideals that this country was founded on: that you could decide your own future and what your world should look like if you work hard enough and stay true to your ideas of success. I look forward to finding more of them in each coming issue. Entrepreneurs, creators, farmers, you inspire us all!