Rugged Maniac Race
Returns to Snow Creek 1

Get Ready to Run, Jump, Climb and Crawl in This Obstacle 5K

For the past few years, the term ‘extreme athlete’ has meant a couple of different things. Sure, you have your snowboarders, base jumpers and ultra marathoners. But now, your regular joe has the chance to hit the obstacle course and test his or her mettle against the elements and the clock with the Rugged Maniac 5K, taking place on August 8 at the Snow Creek Ski Area.

The event is more than just a race, according to Chief Operating Officer Rob Dickens.

“Rugged Maniac is about getting people off their couches and outside, being physical and getting exercise but also to have fun and socialize with their friends. Not everyone wants to go to the gym and spend hours on the treadmill or run down the sidewalk for miles. They want some entertainment with their exercise,” says Dickens.

The race involves roughly 25 obstacles including fire, mud, trampolines and a 50-foot water slide. For all of this and the inclusion of 5k of space to run, the right setting is integral to the success of the race. Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston provides the perfect backdrop.

“We’ve had the race at Snow Creek for three years now. It’s difficult to find a big enough venue with interesting enough terrain in the city. We generally have to go outside the city to find the space and Snow Creek is exactly what we are looking for. We are excited to use that location for many years to come,” says Dickens.

In addition to the race itself, the event evolves into a festival for all of the attendees and observers. A DJ spins all day as 300-person heats leave every 15 minutes. Throughout the day, other events occur, from pie eating to mechanical bulls to bounce houses and lots of food and beer available for purchase. One free beer is included in every registration. The race has a charity partner in the USO, supporting the troops. The event is free to the public that wants to join in the festivities, cheer on the racers and enjoy a day in the outdoors.

Dickens says that people of all shapes and sizes are welcome and encouraged to participate.

“This is not an event that is attended by only hard-core athletes. There are some of those people there, but it’s geared toward everyone. If you’re going to train for this race for time, train as if you’re simply running a fast 5k and then throw in some cross training. You want to throw in some strength training to incorporate some upper body strength since you’ll be hanging and climbing things as well,” says Dickens.

The race is really a way to recapture the energy and fun of playing outside, according to Dickens and the idea is catching on. In fact, on an episode of this season’s Shark Tank, Mark Cuban invested $175 million in the company’s future. For more information or to sign up for the race, visit or find them on Facebook.