Dear Readers,

That’s right, it’s been four years since Northland Lifestyle first launched. Over the last 48 issues, I’ve been blessed to meet some of the kindest and most unique people in the Northland. When I took this position, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I know to expect to be surprised as I learn something new about my neighborhood each month. Thank you for being a community that I can be proud of!

This month’s issue is all about summertime fun. Mark Armato walks back through time and picks up where he left off as a teenager–at Worlds of Fun. After a career as a history teacher, he has gone back to doing what he does best, robbing trains and stealing laughs as a bandit on the train line at the amusement park. It just shows that you can go back again.

For the participants in the Wheel It Forward wheelchair tennis tournament, the fun can go on all year long. The Northland Racquetball Club welcomed players for the tournament, giving people who thought they would never swing a racquet again an opportunity to serve and volley and even take home a bit of prize money.

The Funky Monkey Corn Company will surely be on my list of places of try this summer. This popcorn shop creates custom popcorn flavors regularly and even created one specifically for Gladstone’s Linden Square! With their commitment to a zero waste shop and using non-GMO corn, they are doing what they love on their terms and people are eating it up!

As the sounds of summer filter in to our little house in the Northland, I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell these stories month after month. Thank you for welcoming Northland Lifestyle into your homes. We hope to tell your stories for many years to come.