Dare to Dabble
and Luna Coffee House 1

A Great Opportunity For Northland Artists

Everyone has some form of artistic ability. Many never develop what could be a life-changing gift. Dare to Dabble in North Kansas City is offering classes for all levels of artistry. This is your chance to develop that hidden talent.

Sheryl Godsy and Erin Rosales, co-owners of this unique business, worked to develop a concept that allows people to unleash their creativity.

“Anyone can come here and try different mediums of art,” Godsy says. We have open studio space set up with a variety of projects with tools, raw materials and a little bit of guidance.”

Dare to Dabble is filled with painting supplies, items for embroidering, decoupage and mosaic with glass and ceramic tile. Customers learn how to recycle trash into unique objects; a bowling ball becomes a garden gazing ball and a picture is created from an old phone book.

Rosales has an art degree from U.M.K.C. and loves the opportunity to teach.

“Art education in schools is not what it used to be,” Rosales says. “The funding is no longer there. So we teach all different levels here. I love teaching all different aged people art. We made a big investment in materials to allow people to explore their artistic side. Our young students have an art club where different ages may enroll. Several of our projects allow them to decorate items for their rooms at home. We have what is called a Zombie Art Camp where kids paint little monster characters and create a large paper maché mask. We have a watercolor drawing camp, too.”

Some just stop in for a cup of coffee and snack at the Luna Coffee Shop.

“Our coffee house features Roasterie coffee and snacks from local bakeries,” Rosales says. “We included our coffee shop to give parents a place to hang out while their kids do art projects. Some people spend a lot of time here, perhaps up to four hours creating a piece of art and they enjoy coffee while creating.”

Additional artists have been brought in to teach classes. A silk screening artist is teaching classes and a former Hallmark artist will soon teach embroidery in an effort to offer more types of art training. Godsy and Rosales have developed new programs to peak more interest.

“We have an interesting program called ‘Drink and Dabble’,” Godsy says. “Learn how to paint with acrylics on a 16” x 20” canvas for $30 per person – includes all supplies with step by step instruction for that evening’s painting.  Fun begins at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. This is a social art experience on a Friday and Saturday night. We have groups of single ladies every month enjoying a fun evening. The cost includes all art supplies and wine is for sale in the coffee shop.”

For more information about Dare to Dabble, call: 816.421.1025 or check their web site at: DareToDabble.com for upcoming events.For the past few years, the term ‘extreme athlete’ has meant a couple of different things. Sure, you have your snowboarders, base jumpers and ultra marathoners. But now, your regular joe has the chance to hit the obstacle course and test his or her mettle against the elements and the clock with the Rugged Maniac 5K, taking place on August 8 at the Snow Creek Ski Area.