Who doesn't love a wedding? As we march forward into wedding season (May through September now!), many brides are scrambling to put the finishing touches on guest lists, favor baskets and set lists. But marriage is more than the party that you throw for your nearest and dearest. It's a lifelong commitment to loving and learning with someone. 

This month's issue is focused on more than just weddings and anniversaries, it's focused on the trials and celebrations that come with meeting your match. As Sarah Hopkins-Chery can attest, sometimes love finds you when you least expect it. She met her husband at a party while they were both attending Park University. She's from England. He's from Haiti. Their love story is one that includes learning about cultures, not just favorite bands or foods. 

For Matt and Cheri Appling, the wedding was the easy part. When it came to having children, their faith and their marriage was tested as they worked through the trial that is infertility. By connecting with other couples undergoing the same situation, they found support and even wrote a book about their experiences. 

Love, as the song says, is a many splendored thing. Its facets can never be explained or quantified, but when you meet that person, 'the one', you know that life will never be the same. To all the people who are searching, stay the course. Love is worth it. And to those who have found it, keep the faith. Love is a garden. It takes careful tending to thrive, but the rewards are so rich. 

Hugs and kisses,