Hilton Grand Reopening

Hilton Grand Reopening 1

April 23rd saw the grand reopening of the newly remodeled Hilton at the Kansas City Airport. The hotel celebrated 40 years in the Northland as well as complete renovations. Photography Tracy Spisak

A Thirst for Knowledge, A Drive to Serve

A Thirst for Knowledge, A Drive to Serve

Movement from crisis to opportunity, uncertainty to knowledge, forms the backbone of Abdul Bakar’s story. While a lifestyle of nomadic movement was familiar to Bakar in his native Somalia, circumstances and personal determination led him to his adopted home in Kansas City.

Roy Cheek: Real American Hero

Roy Cheek: Real American Hero 14

Pictures of a church and a house in Holland, an Air Corps crew, and a Purple Heart adorn 92-year-old World War II veteran Roy Cheek’s wall in his living room in Lawson, Missouri, mixed with golf tournament championship pictures. Cheek has quite a story to tell, and the Purple Heart backs it up. 

The End of I-49

The End of I-49 7

If you’re like me, years from now you’ll still be calling Highway 71 just that, but the fact is Kansas City has a new interstate. Highway 71 south out of KC is now officially Interstate 49. Although a few miles in southern Arkansas have not yet upgraded to interstate status, this new I-49 takes you just about all of the way to the Gulf Coast with numerous treasures to explore all along the way.

Q Hot Pot

Q Hot Pot 7

When you think of Japanese food, the first style that comes to mind is probably not ‘fondue.’ And true enough, you won’t find cheese or bread at Q Hot Pot, the newest addition to the Zona Rosa dining options. What you will find is a fun and tasty interactive dining experience focusing on fresh ingredients and customizable flavors known as shabu shabu. 

It’s a Man’s World

It's a Man's World 4

Crossing barriers is an act of courage. Debbie Goble broke a barrier by being one of the Northland’s first female barbers in an all-male barbershop in the 1970s. Some customers decided to wait for a male barber to become available while others loved the idea of a lady cutting their hair. Today this persistent redhead has a large cliental accumulated from her 38-year career, including me.

Still Fighting

Still Fighting 8

 Orchiectomy. Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection. Pneumonia. Chylous ascites.  With the exception of pneumonia, I’d never seen or heard these words until I heard Nicholas Hibbeler’s story.  A senior at Park Hill High School, Hibbeler was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer during a routine sports physical in 2013. He endured six rounds of chemotherapy and three surgeries to overcome his diagnoses.

The Boys in Blue: KCPD ATV Unit Is on the Call

The Boys in Blue: KCPD ATV Unit Is on the Call 8

When most people see a vest or car marked ‘Police,’ they are less than thrilled. After all, once the boys in blue show up, something bad has certainly happened, right? The KCPD North Patrol is trying to change that perception, and one way they are doing it is with the ATV unit.

June 2015 Around Town

June 2015 Around Town 3

Park University’s student newspaper, The Stylus, earned 33 awards at the annual Missouri College Media Association conference, April 11 in Maryville, Mo.

Park U Ballyhoo

Park University recently hosted Ballyhoo, an annual premier fundraising event that supports University programs and scholarships, at Leawood’s AMC headquarters. The event benefitted Park’s School of Business and the University’s Presidential Honors Scholarship.

Stepping Up to the Plate

The helmet wobbled around my head as I cautiously took my first steps to stand over home base. A not-so-confident 6-year-old, I tapped the plate with my bat, glanced over my shoulder to find my parents, and gulped air.

WIld Birds Unlimited Shoal Creek Cleanup

WIld Birds Unlimited Shoal Creek Cleanup 3

Wild Birds Unlimited, Missouri Division of Conservation Stream Team partnered with local businesses, including Bank Liberty, The Rim Restaurant, Seva Cuisine of India, and the Liberty North Environmental Club for the 3rd annual event.

The world of men.

It’s that time of year again–our annual “Man” issue! Of course we celebrate the men in our lives every day, but during June, we focus a little bit more on dear old Dad. Even if you’re not a father, you’re a valuable part of our community and we celebrate you!

Love is in the air!

Who doesn’t love a wedding? As we march forward into wedding season (May through September now!), many brides are scrambling to put the finishing touches on guest lists, favor baskets and set lists. But marriage is more than the party that you throw for your nearest and dearest. It’s a lifelong commitment to loving and learning with someone. 

3rd Annual McTeacher’s Night at McDonald’s

3rd Annual McTeacher's Night at McDonald's 6

Barry Elementary and Pathfinder Elementary schools teamed up for the event, where teachers and administrators worked behind the  counter to serve students and parents, raising nearly $1,000. Proceeds support field trips, educational experiences books and technology.

Worlds Collide: The Love Story of Sarah and Lenes

Worlds Collide: The Love Story of Sarah and Lenes 3

Sarah Hopkins-Chery almost didn’t go to the Halloween party that changed her life. It was October 2005, her first semester at Park University. She decided to go to the costume party—dressed in a last-minute pirate costume—because everyone on her basketball team was going, and she was a long way from her home in Essex, England. Lenes Hopkins-Chery was at the same party, though he hadn’t planned to be. He and a group of friends showed up—without costumes—and he spotted Sarah from across the room. He knew she played basketball and asked mutual friends for an introduction.

May 2015 Around Town

As the Ford F-150 all aluminum bodied pickup roll into dealerships throughout Kansas and Missouri, CARSTAR Wicklund’s is the only independent auto body shop in the region to open a qualified aluminum repair facility to handle repairs on these – and other aluminum body vehicles. CARSTAR Wicklund’s opened the new facility with a ribbon cutting event on March 11, for customers, insurance agents and business community leaders.

Tackling debt one lawn at a time

Tackling debt one lawn at a time 4

The average college graduate is tasked with finding a job, paying back college loans, and the mountain of stress that comes with those two things. For many of these graduates, finding a job that will pay enough to pay back those loans can be difficult. Todd Coleman, director of operations for EDU Lawn Care, hopes to change that with a new business model.

Setting the Menu

Planning a wedding reception is second only to the main event, but no less important for newlyweds and their guests. Larry Roberts, co-owner of Sugar and Spice Catering in Parkville, and Erin Dolan, Trezo Mare’s Events and Promotions manager, offer practical notes on how to plan the reception and menu with minimal stress.

May 2015 Parting Thoughts

May 2015 Parting Thoughts

We threw a great party. Everyone said so. We had a garden wedding, complete with bubbles, late blooming roses in October and a perfectly sunny day. We danced to one of my favorite bands and talked to what felt like a million people. It was a blur; a beautiful, colorful, joyous blur. 

Judi’s Bakery

In a quiet, unassuming building, set back from the road on Burlington Avenue, lies a haven of baked goods, sandwiches and donuts that will capture the heart and tastebuds of any sugar aficionado–Judi’ Bakery. For 35 years, Judi White and her team have been captivating pastry lovers with a huge variety of baked goods, lunch fare and cakes for special occasions from baptisms to weddings and everything in between. 

Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother

 G.P. Putnam’s Sons | $25.95  In 2010, Ann Imig organized a live-staged reading event in Madison, WI, to bring together her community—mothers and non-mothers alike—and provide a forum for a diversity of voices to share their personal stories. These readers spoke honestly and openly about motherhood, family, childhood, and parenting. And so, the Listen to Your Mother movement was born. This one event quickly grew into an annual national performance sensation, with nearly 40 nationwide events scheduled for May 2015. Now, in LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now, Imig brings to the page what she helped bring to the stage five years ago with this collection of 56 candid, funny, poignant, unexpected and soul-bearing essays.  The contributors to this powerful anthology bravely share their stories, ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking, showcasing the experiences of ordinary people from a broad spectrum of racial, gender, and age backgrounds. With a roster of writers that includes first time essayists and New York Times-bestselling authors, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER reflects our diverse contemporary lifestyles and rapidly changing definitions of motherhood.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

 The question has been popped. The answer was yes.  Now what?  Now the planning begins, and there’s no shortage of things to think about: the venue, the vows, the meal, the music, the flowers, the honeymoon and the clothes. Where to start?

Art and Frame: Northland’s Framing Specialist

Art and Frame: Northland's Framing Specialist 2

Custom framing is a multi-faceted challenge. The wrong frame, glass or matting can mean disaster to an expensive art piece or family heirloom. Every piece is prized; there is no room for failure, just perfection. Imagine the responsibility of saving a family’s images for several hundred years. Today’s graduating high school senior will be tomorrow’s grandmother or grandfather. They may be gone, but their pictures or prized items will be cherished by future generations.    

Relish Catering and Merriment Launch Party

Relish Catering and Merriment Launch Party 3

More than 200 people enjoyed an evening of delicious food and cocktails at River Market Event Place, with a variety of culinary delights from their extensive menu, baked goods from 3 Women and an Oven, and coffee from City Market Coffee House. RelishKC.com 

Surviving Infertility

Matt Appling 2

Matt and Cheri Appling belong to a club, a secret club that nobody wants to be a part of but neither can they escape: infertility.