Meet Debbie Wetschensky

With pen or brush in hand, Wetschensky speaks for the animals

Northland artist and retired middle school art teacher Debbie Wetschensky has made a name for herself as a lover of animals. With her amazing mastery of pen and ink or paints, she makes them spring to life through her art. So what inspires her art?

What brought you to the Northland?

I accepted an art teaching position at Maple Park Middle School in the North Kansas City District in 1971. Thirty years later I retired from that very school. During my career, as an art teacher, I fell in love with the Northland area. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I married and raised my family here. It is and always will be a wonderful place to live and work.

Describe your art:

I work in a number of mediums, however my roots are in drafting and I tend to gravitate towards pen and ink.  In this medium I am able to be as detailed as I like. When I paint, I mainly work in acrylics although once again find myself striving to work out the smallest of detail. My work is mostly realistic however I sometimes let myself go with large canvases and large brushes.  

I am a huge animal advocate. I have done many animal portraits over the years and I never tire of them. Animals are so unique and I strive to make each one as  special as they really are.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my patrons and their enthusiasm when they purchase my work.  Yes, the money is always gratifying but the real high is when I know my work is in a home or a private business where it is appreciated. I accept commissions because they are a challenge to me. Commissions push me to do my best.

Where did you study art?

While I have a degree in art education, but my training in the fine arts was more from the association with artists who mentored me as well as private lessons I took well after my college days.  It is an invaluable experience to learn with others that share you same passion. 

Where can people view your art?

I am proud to be a longstanding member of the Northland Exposure Artists Gallery in the historic downtown area of Parkville. My work is on display as well as the work of 40 other outstanding local artists. Find out more at